Kenya Decides to Use EHRs

EHRKenya has announced that they are moving to digitize the health records of HIV and Aids patients. The hope is to speed treatment and reduce errors. Eventually the hope is that the system will have SMS access. SMS is the system that is used for test messaging. If this happens then patients can receive alerts about appointments or taking medications.

The US has been moving to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) but the transition has been slower than many hope. The physical process of the document scanning is really the easy part. The bigger picture requires a universal format. Without one then it is difficult to share information between different medical practices. Then there is the problem of indexing all the records after they are digitized. Generally a doctor must go through the medical file and label each page of the chart.

It may be a slow process but everyone involved is interested in lowering the overhead costs of health care and paperwork seems like the best first target.

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