Tragedy at Maryland Recall Facility

Last night there was a bad accident at the Recall facility in Landover, Maryland. The reports are that a forklift hit a storage rack. This caused it to tip over. The result was a domino effect that toppled over several racks and support beams. The loss of the beams caused sections of the roof to collapse. There was an explosion which is believed to be one of the propane bottles in a forklift.

The worst part is there is still someone unaccounted for from the facility. As of this morning K-9 units were having trouble searching because the roof is not stable. We hope that they are found in good condition or better yet might not have been in the building.

This is one of those times when you remember seeing similar situations in comedy movies and laughing at the antics. The context is completely different when there are people who may be under the falling shelves.

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