Luzerne County Examine Records Storage Options

Luzerne County in Pennsylvania is struggling with their growth in records storage. The county currently rents out storage space but it is not climate controlled. That leaves the the documents at risk for environmental damage like fire and flood. The higher levels of humidity will cause the records to degrade much faster. For records that need to be stored indefinitely like marriage records and land deeds that is a problem.

As with any decision it is also a matter of cost. One camp would like to rent space immediately but the other camp wants to build a new facility. The problem is that the county already wasted $1 million on LRW Solutions Inc for consulting work on their records problem.

One solution that is not getting the attention it deserves is to convert records to digital. Document scanning options might have similar costs to building a new location but that is where the expenses end. Buildings require maintenance but digital records can be stored on a server. This can reduce employees needed to locate and retrieve documents for information requests.

And for the vocabulary word of the day we have Prothonotary. That means principal clerk of a court. It comes to us from the Byzantines. I don’t know how many people have that title but there is one in Luzerne County.