Charlotte Records Storage Firm Grows

COR365 Information Solutions has announced the purchase of a new record storage facility in in Charlotte, North Carolina. The new location is 81,000 sqft and should hold 500,000 sqft of boxes when racked out. Along with document storage the company will offer tape rotation, document scanning, and shredding from the new locations. COR365 was formerly known as DataChambers before the name was sold to North State Communications.

The records manager professional has seen their job change over the years but the need still remains. Before it was moving records to microfilm to make it easier to manage. Today it is moving the documents to a digital formation through scanning. The equipment is different but the goals are the same.

While it may seem that paper has gone away the demand for document storage and shredding remain strong. Many people feel more comfortable with a hard copy of many documents including contract. While many could be saved digitally it is hard to move CPAs and lawyers away for signed copies. This is also a generational effect. The millennials print out a fraction of what a boomer wants. So it may be the people entering the workforce in the next decade that finally achieve a true paperless office.

Records Management & Storage Services

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