New CEO at Iron Mountain

Richard Reese’s second term as CEO of Iron Mountain has is coming to an end after just a year and a half. Reese grew the company from $3 million in 1981 to $3 billion in 2008. His tenure is what made the company an international leader in records management.

After Reese left the company drifted and posted disappointing numbers. The reason given was the move to digital records by the company. In June 2011, he took the position of CEO and chairman of the board back over. His goal was to return the focus of the company back to paper records storage.

William Meaney will take over for Reese the first of next year. Meany comes from  Zuellig Group, a Hong-Kong based business services company. In eight years he tripled the sales at the company to $12 billion. In addition to the appointment of Meaney, Al Verrecchia has been named the new chairman of the board.

Meaney did not announce any change in direction for the company. It is likely he will continue to implement Reese’s plan to return to the companies roots. This is also where the bulk of the companies revenue is generated.

In other Iron Mountain news they have announced the acquisition of three new storage companies. They are IG2 Data Security, DATAPROS Storage and Staffing, and Data Backup Inc..They are located in Chicago, Phoenix and Sarasota respectively.

Records Management & Storage Services

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