Celebrate Earth Day At The Office

Earth day this year is Monday, April 22nd. It is a good time to look around the office and see if there are things your company can do to reduce your carbon footprint. The best solutions not only improve the being greenenvironment but also help your bottom line. Here are some simple things to start with.

  1. Turn off your computers. The good news is that bugs that plagued computers in the past and made recovery from sleep mode difficult are past us. It also makes sense to turn of computers occasionally to clear their cache. So start with turning of computers over the weekend.
  2. Turn off the lights. If there is no one in the office why not turn the lights off. Your desk might need it dark to get a good nights sleep.
  3. Recycle your paper. For security reasons most business shred their papers.But then put the shreds in the trash. If you are interested in recycling the paper and being environmentally conscious then bring in a shredding service.Their industrial equipment is much more efficient than an office shredder and then they recycle all the paper.
  4. Automate your processes. Save paper by not printing so much out. When possible move to electronic document management. Money is saved by increased efficiency and reduced paper purchases.
  5. Flexible employee scheduling. Allow employees to work from home or commute during off-peak hours. They won’t spend gas stuck in traffic and, if studies are true, spend more productive time working.