Scanning Stopped at Missouri Revenue Department

The process of scanning and archiving documents used to get a drivers license in Missouri has come under fire. The Missouri Senate has approved a bill that would stop the state Revenue Department from scanning the documents.

The bill was introduced as a privacy issue for those people applying for a license.It is more likely the issue came up when it was disclosed that one of the documents used to apply for a license was a concealed carry permit. In the heated atmosphere over gun control the issue was raised. Prior to passing this bill theĀ GovernorĀ had already announced the revenue department would stop the practice.

If the Revenue Department was only using the documents for verification it makes sense that they not store them permanently. By keeping more copies they are increasing the chances for a data breach. It would be difficult to detect fraud from a photocopy when all the verification seals are designed to not be seen with a copy machine.

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