Attention Law Firms—Start Scanning Your Documents

Every law firm that hasn’t gone the paperless route is at risk of being flooded with paper. In every case these law firms manage the amount of paperwork in the office grows. Although lawyers do really need a physical copy of important documents when litigating a case, there’s still a way to improve efficiency in the law office, especially when looking for specific files.
For lawyers, the saying “Time is Gold” is very true. These people always do the most they can with the time given. Certainly, looking through old cabinet files for documents is clearly a waste of time. Also, lawyers need to be highly organized; they don’t just take on one case at a time. A workroom stuffed with documents isn’t really productive at all. Do you see the picture now?

Time to Start Scanning

Lawyers, paralegals and other staff members in a law firm spend hours and hours organizing, filing, copying, reviewing, and sending paper documents. These hours can be better spent on more valuable tasks. The best solution is to start document scanning in law firms. Every piece of paper document will be scanned to make a digital copy. This digital copy will be stored in a record management system of the law firm. Here are the advantages of document scanning:

  • Easy Access. With all digital files stored in a document management system, documents can be easily searched and accessed on the work desk. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Easy Transfer. Do several people need a copy of the document? Just send the digital file to them. No more photocopying of documents, which also saves on buying a photocopy machine, ink and energy costs.
  • Space-saving. Document scanning in law firms eliminate dozens and dozens of file cabinets in the office. The office can finally look like an office, not a document warehouse.
  • Money-saving. There’s no need to pay for an off-site storage facility for storing the paper documents. Also, there’s no need to spend on extra office space just for the filing cabinets.
  • Accuracy. Document scanning in law firms guarantees that documents transferred to the system are all accurate.

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Law offices run at lightning speed and any way to increase office efficiency should be taken advantage of. A digital file system can make access to files and sharing files with team members quick and easy. The process of getting to a fully digital system may seem too daunting, but legal document scanning service providers can help greatly. Call Record Nations at (866) 385-3706 or fill out the form on the right and we’ll get you free quotes on your conversion project today.