Scanning Patent Troll Update

Earlier this month we posted about the patent trolls that were sending out letters demanding $1,000 for every employee for patent violation. The claim is they own the idea of scanning a document and then emailing it. Since this is standard practice in an office the business should pay a fee for the violation.

This is just an example of an overly broad patent that should never have been given. Now their is a cottage industry of people who collect these patents and then shake down businesses. The poster boy is Nathan Myhrvold who has built a company on trolling.

The State of Minnesota has had enough and the Attorney General has gotten an agreement against MPHJ for trying to shake down businesses in the state. This is the company that claimed to hold a patent on the idea of emailing a scanned document. Lets hope we get some common sense across the country. The risk is stifling innovation instead of fostering it as the system was designed to do.