Toms River Contracts for Records Storage Facility

Toms River, New Jersey, has awarded the contract of building their new records storage facility. Gavan General Contracting of Lakewood, New Jersey was awarded the bid. The budgeted cost is $1.2 million to build the 4,000 square foot facility. Work is expected to begin in September with a completion in the spring of next year.

Toms River is building a records storage facility to replace storage throughout 18 different locations today. This should reduce the difficulty in retrieving records. The location will not be permanently staffed. As records are required the staff will go to the location to retrieve the documents required.

The storage facility will have climate control to preserve the integrity of the documents. The contract also include the installation of document shelving. This will increase storage capacity and make the retrieval of documents easier.

The possibility of using a document scanning service was examined but ruled out. The state requires many of the records to be kept in paper form for historical reasons. This prevented them from moving forward to electronic records.