How Data Entry Affects Your Records Management

Data entry keyboard conceptOne of the most important jobs a person can have in a busy office is data entry.  Accurate and detailed information is crucial to any business- especially if there’s a large volume of information that needs to be entered on a daily basis.

Just one mistake can cause weeks of headaches if it isn’t found and/or is compounded over multiple documents.  Finding a person that can handle your data entry professionally is crucial- and finding the right people to help you can be difficult.

Decrease Errors in Data Entry to Increase Efficiency In Your Records Management Program

There’s several different things you can utilize to help increase the speed of data entry and decrease the amount of errors that can occur.

One of the easiest ways is to digitize your documents, which converts them into text in a digital file.  By utilizing optical character recognition software, you can even digitize handwritten documents with ease.  By scanning your documents in and converting them into searchable text, you eliminate the intermediate step of having someone type in the information, which is a big factor in data entry errors.

Inefficient data entry can also lead to longer lead times for the rest of your business processes. Since data entry is usually the first step in any document management process, the faster you can get information into a system to use it, you have the opportunity to decrease inefficiencies and decrease lead times for other departments.

Reducing the time it takes to process billing and financial statements that bring in revenue can result in better cash flow and the opportunity to collect money owed as quickly as possible. More that anything, you want to be sure that you hire someone to do your data entry that can keep up with the workload required to make sure your data is accurate.

It’s a unique skill-set that helps you maintain accurate records on everything from contracts to invoices.  This position requires a high level of attention to detail and accuracy, and an understanding that one little mistake could cost a company millions.

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