Importance of Medical Scanning and HIPAA

Medical Scanning ImportanceAs medical practices and physicians use medical scanning to convert to EMR systems, it’s important to keep in mind HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Medical records contain very confidential information, which is why there are so many regulations around how they must be protected and handled. Medical Scanning can make it easier to stay in compliance with HIPAA because compliance is insured through the digital storage systems.

Even with the digital storage system monitoring your records, you should always do periodical checks of the system to make sure it is following all of the latest HIPAA guidelines and using the highest level of security. Here are 10 steps to ensure you are HIPAA security complaint.

10 Steps to HIPAA Security Compliance

  1. Use the highest level of computer security
  2. Train staff and colleagues to follow the highest security standards
  3. Record all of the information system components that interact with EHR’s in your office
  4. Prepare for disasters before they occur
  5. Make sure your network and communication safeguards are intact and robust
  6. Have up to date anti-virus software
  7. Understand encryption and use it whenever necessary
  8. Consider chains of trust and your business relationships
  9. Demand that your vendors fully understand HIPAA security standards
  10. Start with a security plan and keep it maintained

There are many benefits to medical record scanning when keeping your practice HIPAA complaint. The important thing is to maintain your record management plan so that you stay in compliance and can continue keeping patients records secure and organized.

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