Records Management Standards ISO15489 and MoReq2

There are many record management standards that have been set by the state and federal governments. Did you know there are also international standards when it comes to proper record management? The two that we will discuss here are The Record Management Standards ISO 15489 and MoReq2.

Records Management Standard ISO15489

ISO 15489, is the first international standard devoted to records management, it provides a comprehensive and practical basis for auditing full and partial records management programs. Shown below is a checklist of the documentation required when undergoing a records management audit.

ISO 15489, is the first international standard devoted to records management,

That is a lot of documents to keep track of! Along with these documents it is important to keep in mind how long you are supposed to retain each document. Here are some questions to consider when creating a record retention program.

ISO 15489, is the first international standard devoted to records management and records retention


When keeping track of all these documents it becomes beneficial to have a document storage plan. This could either be offsite document storage or even cloud storage.

Records Management MoReq2

MoReq® is a records management specification published by the DLM Forum that describes “modular requirements for records systems”. The latest edition of the MoReq® specification is MoReq2010®.

MoReq2010® aims to provide a comprehensive, but simple and easily understood set of requirements for a records system that is intended to be adaptable and applicable to divergent information and business activities, industry sectors and types of organization. It avoids a “one size fits all” approach to implementing a records management solution by establishing instead a definition of a common set of core services that are shared by many different types of records system, but which are also modular and flexible, allowing them to be incorporated into highly specialized and dedicated applications that might not previously have been acknowledged as records systems.

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