Hard Drives and Data Storage

Hard Drives and Data StorageThe size, shape, capacity, and security of hard drives and computer storage has been changing drastically from year to year.

Let our experts take you through some of the history of computer storage, and discuss concerns about the size and security of internal and external hard drives.

  • Are Large Hard Drives Necessary For Data Storage?
    It’s important to realize the importance of storing your data safely, whether it’s on-site, on the cloud, or an offsite back up.  Your data storage solution will help you successfully run, maintain, and build a business.  Learn about hard drive storage vs. online storage, and what’s best for your business.
  • The Best Formats That Save Hard Drive Space 
    Conserving hard drive space is a concern for any computer user. Hard drives are limited by the amount of data they can store, and although hard drive capacity has gone up and prices have decreased, hard drive space is still a valuable commodity.  Get info on options for some of the most common file types maximize your hard drive space.
  • The History of External Hard Drives and Portable Backup Systems 
    Hard drives have become easier to manage in recent years.  Not only are they smaller- they’ve progressed in size and reliability as well. Learn about the progression of the external hard drive and portable backup systems, and how they can help you protect your data.
  • The Evolution of Personal Computer Storage
    The purpose of computer storage technology is to preserve data for short-term reuse or for long-term use. Computers have changed a lot since the 1980’s- learn more about how computer storage had to evolve as well to accommodate increasing power and capabilities.

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