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It’s extremely important to know how to type correctly.  In the days of a technological world where fingers or two thumbs take the place of the traditional keyboard, you’re seeing the traditional typing techniques falling away in today’s youth.

The reality of the situation is that in the ‘real world’, understanding how to type is something that is still very important.  Virtually every business today uses some form of computer with a traditional keyboard- so the students that just need an iPad for their college classes are setting themselves up for a harsh reality come graduation time.

The good news is that learning to type is actually a lot simpler than it seems.

First, you need to understand how to position our fingers correctly on the keyboard, and which keys correspond to each finger.  Here’s a trick to the trade: the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys have small ridges on the bottom of the key(s), which is the traditional starting position for typing.  Once you understand tha, learning to type is a bit like learning how to play the piano- it takes plenty of practice.

We recommend starting with a tutorial, then you should try out some of the games and practice drills. They are a great way to improve your speed and accuracy, even though it feels like play. Regular practice will lead to better typing skills, and eventually you will be able to type quite fast without looking at the keys.

Browse through some of the resources below to get started!

Typing Lessons, Courses, Tests and Tutorials

Ten Finger Typing- How To Type Faster
Get some tips and tricks to learn how to type faster.

Special Characters
Type special characters in foreign languages with these special codes.

Touch Typing
This simple rhyme can help learners remember where to position their fingers on a keyboard.

Typing Web
Start a free account with an online typing course to keep track of your progress and scores.

Graduated Typing Lessons
Find typing lessons here for all skill levels, from basic to advanced.

Learn about Typing- Posture, Positioning, Common Issues

Where do I place my fingers?
Brush up on these tips to learn about hand positions on a keyboard.

Proper Sitting Position
Learn about the correct typing position for your whole body.

Carpal Tunnel
Be aware of carpal tunnel syndrome and how it can be triggered through careless typing habits.

Typing Demos
Watch videos of how to type correctly and then practice it online.

A Guide to Typing
Read about the basics of correct typing practices and hand placement.

Typing Games

Space Typing
This fun game will help students learn to type faster and correctly.

Test Your Typing
Choose different user levels to test your typing speed and accuracy.

Falling Words
Type the falling words before they land in this arcade typing game.

Awesome Keyboarding Games
Improve your typing skills tremendously with these fast-paced, addictive online games.

Dance Mat Typing
Learn to type with a serious of hilarious animated interactive exercises.