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Redaction: Definition, Process, and When to Use It

Apr 19, 2019  |  by Sometimes called “document sanitizing,” redaction is the process of removing sensitive information from a document. To obscure information, the text or image is blacked out—oftentimes with a black marker when redacted by hand. Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how you can securely manage redaction of your documents. Video Transcript […]

Why Are Documents Redacted?

Apr 12, 2019  |  by Redaction, sometimes called sanitization or data anonymization, is the process of removing confidential or sensitive information from a document to protect that information. When documents are redacted, they can be used or published by a wider audience than originally intended without compromising confidentiality. Most industries use some amount of redaction, but some use it more […]

How Records Storage Simplifies Record Retention

Apr 05, 2019  |  by Some might picture a document storage service only as a place to store old file boxes. But the value extends beyond just freeing up extra space. At storage facilities, your boxes are labeled with barcodes that not only provide a way to securely monitor your records, but also an option to track the boxes by retention […]

How to Track Retention With Off-Site Storage

Apr 01, 2019  |  by Off-site storage offers a secure way to store your sensitive documents while also keeping them safe from environmental damage like fire or flooding. But if you work in an industry that requires records retention, you may be concerned about how off-site storage can make sure you’re staying compliant. Luckily, managing retention with off-site storage is easy. […]