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Records Information Management: What Is RIM and Why It’s Important

Oct 01, 2018  |  by A RIM program is a system for managing records throughout their lifespan, stretching from their initial creation to their eventual destruction and everywhere in between. In this video learn more about the value of records information management, with information including why it’s important along with walkthrough of the key parts of therecord life cycle. Defining […]

Record Storage & Management: The Top Three Features to Have

Sep 17, 2018  |  by When it comes to records storage and management there are several key cornerstones to a well-put-together program. Requiring a delicate balance between security, cost, and efficiency, learn more in this video about how to evaluate records management programs and the top steps you can take to improve your own.  Evaluating Your Current System When […]

Scan and Shred: A Critical Combination

Sep 03, 2018  |  by To keep records management organized and secure, the best strategy is often a joint approach covering both scanning new records along with shredding the unnecessary hard-copies once you’re done. Use this video to learn more about why combining scanning and shredding is an essential combination in records management, the different cost, security, and convenience reasons […]

Improving Record Management: A Step-by-Step Guide

Aug 17, 2018  |  by Well-maintained records management programs help businesses to remain compliant with record keeping regulations, avoid security risks, and improve their workflow and productivity. As you turn to evaluating your own records management, questions to ask yourself include what are the greatest weaknesses in your system,c and what steps can you take to improve your overall records […]

What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan and Why It’s Important

Aug 09, 2018  |  by Organizations can’t always avoid disasters, however having disaster recovery plans and the preventative measures they include are essential for minimizing potential damage, quickly getting things back up and running, and most importantly preventing disasters in the first place. In this video learn more about what a disaster recovery plan is, why it’s important—including statistics and […]