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Information Governance vs Records Management [Video]

Feb 13, 2018  |  by   Records management and information governance are two terms with similarities in their responsibilities and principles yet are executed very differently. Video Transcript Recognizing the Difference The terms “records management” and “information governance” are often used interchangeably. While the two do have similar purposes, there are also clear distinctions between them. Understanding records management versus […]

Records Management vs Information Governance

Feb 12, 2018  |  by While the terms “records management” and “information governance” may have overlapping principles and are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences that should be considered by management professionals. Put simply, information governance encompasses all data management as a whole. Records management is a subset of information governance; however, records management and information governance are terms […]

Examining Offsite Records Storage Services

Feb 02, 2018  |  by Without a well-planned records management program, your office can turn from an efficient and well-tuned machine to a headache-inducing pigsty before you know it. Take a good look around your office. Would you say your surroundings look closer to what you see in Office A or Office B? This isn’t a trick question. You can easily […]

Records Storage: Pricing Out a Storage Project [Video]

Jan 31, 2018  |  by Records storage might seem like the obvious answer to your document management needs but equally as important is understanding the costs associated with them. In the video below, you can discover the factors that influence a records storage service and if it is a viable option for your business. Video Transcription   Records Storage: Pricing […]

Records vs Documents: The Differences & How Best to Manage Them [Video]

Jan 19, 2018  |  by Records and documents are actually classified differently in the professional space. Understanding their differences and the best ways to manage them will go a long way in keeping your business organized and secure. Video Transcription Document vs Record Definitions Documents A document refers to “live” information that has not been made final. In short, documents […]

The Best of Record Nations: Top Posts of 2017

Jan 12, 2018  |  by No matter how your business stores data, whether on paper or digital files, managing all that information efficiently can make or break your business’ growth goals for the future. Records management goes a long way in allowing your business to scale or pivot to new challenges. If your company saw significant growth in 2017, you […]

[Video] 2017 Records Retention: Requirements and Guidelines

Jan 08, 2018  |  by   Video Transcription Why Track Retention? Proper record keeping and retention is important for monitoring business progress, preparing financial statements, identifying income sources, and tracking your expenses. There are a number of record management laws that set specific retention periods for different information including HIPAA, OSHA, and the ADA, and noncompliance with their regulations can […]

Managing Record Retention Requirements in the Office

Jan 03, 2018  |  by Document management in the workplace is complicated enough but add in record retention requirements and you’ll find another mountain of confusion to overcome. Most businesses use a combination of digital and physical documents to keep track of all their information. While many of these files are for the usual recordkeeping requirements, certain industries require a […]

[Video] Offsite Document Storage Facilities

Dec 18, 2017  |  by Video Transcription Offsite Storage: Starting Off the Process More businesses are shifting towards paperless management, but between retention laws and the reality that there are some files businesses need to keep but rarely reference, it’s often cheaper to keep these records as hard-copies instead of spending the money to scan them instead. On average, storing […]

Offsite Document Storage Breakdown

Dec 15, 2017  |  by Offsite document storage is a service that has some serious advantages over storing physical files at your office that many businesses are utilizing. Even so, not many people actually know what an offsite storage facility is. What Happens Inside an Offsite Storage Facility? When you work with an offsite storage facility to store your documents […]