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How Much Does Electronic Document Management Have to Offer for Your Business?

Feb 20, 2017  |  by An electronic document management system (DMS) is a software system designed to track, store, and maintain digital files. Managed in a centralized location, a DMS plays a major role in office organization and efficient workflow. Paper documents quickly add up in an office, and with every new file, it becomes increasingly difficult to quickly track […]

The True Price You Pay to Store Documents In the Office

 |  by One advantage to storing documents in the office is the fact you can access them quickly and keep documents nearby—however in the larger picture, that’s about as far as its benefits go. With both direct and indirect costs to consider, keeping company documents in the office can require significant investments in resources other than just […]

How Cloud Storage Services Can Simplify Your Document Management

Feb 08, 2017  |  by While by now most people know that storing your documents and data in the “cloud” doesn’t literally mean up in the sky somewhere, many people may not realize the full potential of what cloud storage systems can offer to businesses. Ranging from lower storage costs to ease of use across the company, the advantages of […]

Electronic Document Migration: Paper Files to Keep, and What You Should Shred

Feb 03, 2017  |  by Scanning documents and making the conversion to a paperless office offers many advantages—namely, the ability to get rid of space-consuming hard-copy records. When documents are scanned and added to electronic document management systems, the original copies become no longer necessary. These leftovers typically need to be shredded for the sake of security, as keeping an […]

Laws and Regulations Affecting Legal Document Storage and Scanning

Dec 27, 2016  |  by Although law firms and legal departments may specialize in legal guidance and counseling, there nevertheless laws that the legal industry itself must be mindful of in their practice when it comes to legal document management, storage, and scanning. Primarily impacting how companies and businesses from varying ends of the work spectrum must properly handle, store, […]

Is Off Site Records Storage the Right Solution for Legal Document Management?

 |  by When trying to tackle the oftentimes difficult question of finding the the right information governance processes or document storage and management system to suit your business or practice, it’s important to first look in the mirror, asking yourself of your own document management goals. Some firms may seek a long-term off site storage solution to […]

Staying Sustainable: How Document Scanning and Record Storage Services Do Their Part

Dec 02, 2016  |  by When it comes to sensitive records, important documents, and various other papers, one of the largest focuses on the subject of sustainability is often on the destruction and disposal processes. Although no one can dispute the value or importance of environmentally sustainable document shredding and disposal services—ranging from economic benefits to reduced carbon footprints—there is […]

Identifying Personal Information Insecurities: Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

Nov 21, 2016  |  by With the rapid acceleration of technologies and their potential for both storing and transferring mass amounts of information, there are many new threats and insecurities to proprietary and personal information than ever before. Although anyone watching the email scandal of the 2016 US election or the recent headlines of company-after-company falling victim to malicious hacking […]

Modern Medical Identity Theft: What It Is, and How to Prevent It

 |  by Today, much of the healthcare industry is shifting with increasing speed towards electronic health record systems (EHR). Streamlining healthcare management for millions of patient records by simplifying access as well as version control, there are still threats for medical identity theft to nevertheless look out for. Whether from a malicious attacker hiding behind a computer […]

Passwords and Document Management Intersection: Navigating Your Security Needs

Nov 15, 2016  |  by Innovative technologies and modern methods for storing business information like document management systems has brought on an evolutionary change to how businesses operate. While offering vastly improved production and efficiency in the workplace over paper records, high-profile data breaches in recent years have also shown that the accessibility of remote electronic documents proves far easier […]