How to Get Organized at Work

custom document management solutionsOne of the biggest complaints when it comes to the workforce, is working in unorganized offices. Working through clutter can be challenging, and ultimately make your job more difficult.

There are some easy tips you can follow to help you get organized at work, and enjoy the calm atmosphere. In order to feel at ease in your office you should start by organizing your time, and then focus on the workspace itself.

How to Organize Your Time

Set Goals

  • When organizing your time, you should identify your goals so that you can make your time a priority. Your goals could be long term or short term. Some people set yearlong goals and set goals every day for work or their home life.

Outline Your Priorities

  • Once you have made a list of goals, it is clearer on distinguishing what is your main priorities. Set the most important goal at the top of the list and work your way down.

Make Time for Your Goals

  • If you’ve established what your goals are and in what priority, you know have to make time to achieve them. By setting aside time and creating deadlines, you can accomplish your goals and easily set up a time organizer.

Organize Your Workspace

Have Everything You Need Within Reach

  • Take an inventory of what you use on a regular basis. Keeping these items at your desk or on your computer will maximize productivity and make organization easier.

Get Rid of the Non-Essentials

  • Clutter is a distraction. Cutting out the non-essentials makes it easier to focus on the tasks at hand and makes your work space more functional.

Put Paperwork in its Place

  • Piles of paperwork are one of the biggest organization pitfalls. Instead of letting paperwork stack up, create a filing system that is based on the one-touch method. Make different files for each project or client, and when a document comes across your desk either act on it, trash it or file it away. Once the project is complete go back through the file and get rid of anything that isn’t essential.

Organize Your Virtual Work Space

  • Your email mailbox can be just as distracting as piles of paper on your desk. Create a management plan for organizing your inbox for easy access to certain emails. Try to keep the number of times you check your inbox down to 3 to reduce distractions.

Organize Your Office

Encourage Coworkers or Employees to get organized

  • One of the hardest parts about organizing your life at work is the convolution of working with multiple people on projects. Try to implement team building or organizational exercises to get people on the same page.

Create a Document Management System

  • document managementOne of the best ways to organize your office is by setting up a document management system that is highly detailed and widely understood by everyone in the company.
  • Whether you decide to manage documents in the cloud, stored at an offsite facility, or kept in house, make sure everyone knows how to find and access what they are looking for.

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