Network Partner Testimonials

Record Nations provides thousands of sales-ready referrals to our Nationwide Network every month. Here are some of the things that our current members are saying about our sales-ready referral program.

Thanks for all for the kind words- we do our best to make sure every contractor we serve gets everything they need from us.

“Over the past 8 or 9 years, SK Archiving has been using Record Nation’s lead generation services and they have proved invaluable to my company. The leads we received were educated and qualified, making it easy to open up a conversation. It also makes a big difference when the prospective client comes to you, ready to at least learn about what it is your company does.

We managed to close a good amount of business we went after from the leads we received. Your service proved to be helpful both financially and operationally, helping us to fully understand the resources we put to marketing and sales.”

Steve Kahn
SK Archiving

“We have used Record Nations from the starting point of our business, for about 3 to 4 years now. They have become a very big part of our business and a huge asset to our sales force. In this type of service industry, the quality of leads is so wide spread, which makes getting good leads has time consuming and very costly.  

Record Nations has built a system that produces good hot leads at a very manageable cost immediately to our staff. Their business and customer service I believe is unrivaled in the industry.”

Shawn Storey
Document Scanning Guys, LLC

“Coastal Business Services Group, Inc. has been using Record Nations since 2005 as one of the branches for our lead generation.  To date, Record Nations has been a valuable asset to our marketing. Overall, the Record Nations staff that is in charge of taking initial information from prospects has been professional and very courteous.

Record Nation managers has been very flexible and creative in working with us in keeping to budget changes and marketing directions over the years. The leads that are generated are vetted and genuine, and when the occasional one does turn out to not be a lead I can use, Record Nations has a very reasonable and clear replacement policy.

I would recommend using Record Nations as a strong asset and supporting piece in any marketing strategy.”

Chris Cherrett
Coastal BSG, Inc

“Our very first deal from Record Nations was worth $65,000. Talk about a return on investment!”

Brian Olson

Would you like to hear more about our members and what we can offer your business?  Give our Membership Specialists a call at (303) 962-5572.