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Record Nations Saint Louis has paired with some of the best scanning service providers to assist you and your company in going digital and becoming more organized. Documents and files can be a hassle to find if they are not filed correctly, which happens a lot, or if filing cabinets are overcrowded. Having all your documents scanned skips the hassle of hunting for a certain document because they will all be on your hard drive. document-scanning-st.-louis

Find out how to get your documents scanned so you can start taking steps to a more organized business. Call (314) 549-8799 or fill out a form to the right to get your FREE quote within minutes and connect with some of Saint Louis’s finest document management service providers.


Benefits of Document Scanning:

  • Remove any bindings and ensure they are ready to be scanned.
  • Double-sided documents are a breeze with our process- just let them know which side goes first.
  • Is every page supposed to be indexed or just one document? We’ll index however you choose to make it more convenient to find.
  • Do the documents being scanned need to be formatted so you can edit them later? WE can utilize our OCR service to make sure you can change them at will.
  • After the scanning project is completed, contractors will present you with the digital files on the media of your choice.
  • Birmingham-based scanning companies accept custom requests- be sure to be specific with your needs and they’ll meet those desires.

How much do scanning services in Saint Louis cost?

Every scanning project is different, but the average cost of scanning in Saint Louis is 7-12 cents per page. But you must think of the other factors that go into the service, including:

  • What kind of scanning you are looking for (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed)?
  • How many pages you need scanned
  • The period of the project, start to end dates.
  • What systems your company already uses and if you need these scanned documents to be compatible to the system.

Every scanning projects price will be different because each project has specifics that are customized to that project. To get a ballpark idea of how much your project will be, call (314) 549-8799 to get a FREE quote within minutes.

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Once all your documents have gone digital you’ll need to do something with all those hard copies. We highly recommend shredding them or storing them, leaving them in your office can cause clutter and misplacement, which may even turn into information landing in the wrong hands. Avoid all these mishaps and consider our document destruction service.

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