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Record Nations helps businesses manage their documents through a range of records information management solutions. Our experts can help with everything related to record storage from setting up a program to complete records management implementation.

Whether you need document scanningrecords storage, cloud management services, or tape rotation, we will help you find a custom record storage solution that fits your need and meets all the requirements for your industry.  We can help you navigate the maze of laws including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, HITECH, and FACTA.

The goal in our document storage services is always reducing compliance costs and headaches. With a records management program in place, companies are able to balance their need to stay compliant with their need for affordable record storage solutions.  We will improve your records management processes and set up records storage systems to help you achieve compliance.

Document Scanning Companies

Document scanning services from Record Nations allow for the conversion of paper documents to electronic files that can be more efficiently stored, accessed and managed. Record Nations also offers a medical record scanning program for hospitals, clinics, and medical practices. Our document scanning experts scan images consistently and securely with the highest quality.

Document imaging has quickly become the most accepted solution in record management.  It’s more affordable for businesses that are trying to keep pace with growing storage needs and a huge backlog of documents clogging up their offices.  It also provides a more secure way to store critical and sensitive documents.

Document scanning allows for a much more efficient workplace, and maintaining records storage through document imaging and cloud storage  allows companies to service their clients more effectively as their work space and workflow becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Records Storage Companies

Of course, even though the efforts of document scanning result in better record keeping, there still exists the need for effective hard copy document storage services and solutions.

In addition to providing document scanning for any industry, Record Nations also provides secure, off-site records storage and tape rotation, which allows us to provide a comprehensive document storage service and records management solution for virtually any business.

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