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Document Scanning & Records Storage Solutions

Record Nations connects you with service providers to help better manage your business’s information. Whether you normally use paper documents, electronic documents, or both; our experts connect you with the best records information management (RIM) solutions in your area. The goal is to make your information more secure, more accessible, and reduce your storage costs.

Our mission is to help you figure out what kind of document scanning service or off site records storage service will best fit your needs. We can also help your business migrate from paper to a cloud based document management system. This integrates the highest levels of access management for every document. This solution is optimal for organizations that span multiple offices and have various levels of access requirements.

Information specialists will take the time to help you find the best, customized solution to fit your needs and meet all the requirements for your industry.  You have enough to worry about while running a business; we’ll help you navigate the maze of record storage and privacy laws, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, HITECH, and FACTA.

Document Services Available:

Records Storage Document Scanning

Legal Documents Cloud Storage

The goal of our document management services is to help your company reduce compliance costs while helping you manage your records more efficiently. With a records management program in place, companies are able to easily balance their need to stay compliant with the laws and regulations for your industry with the desire for cost-effective record storage solutions.


Document Scanning Service

Document scanning has quickly become the most accepted solution for modern records management. It’s more affordable for businesses that are trying to keep pace with growing storage needs for backlogs of documents. There are many ways to move to digital documents from scanning all of your archive of documents at one time to starting a process that scans documents as needed at an off site storage facility.

Records Storage Service

Record Nations connects you with secure off-site records storage and retrieval services nationwide. Paper storage solutions allow companies to move their documents out of the office to save space and provide better security and climate control. You don’t sacrifice the ability to retrieve and maintain documents as they can be delivered to you on your time frame.

Record Nations helps improve your businesses RIM processes.  Through digital document imaging to secure offsite storage to document shredding, we can connect you with service providers that will help optimize your processes and reduce costs. Give us a call today to get started on the road to smarter records management.

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