Records Management by Industry

Document Management by IndustryEvery industry and office has paperwork, from paper-intensive processes to required document retention times, cabinets become full of critical business papers, personnel files, and AP/AR files.

Compounded by the fact that the amount of paperwork grows with every new employee, vendor, partner, or customer, using document management services for handling documents has now become a mainstay in businesses and industries around the country.

Record Nations’ nationwide network of document scanning and records management providers can help you increase productivity, streamline your workflows, and decrease the amount of paper you move from desk to desk.

Solutions Based On Your Individual Needs

We understand that every business and every industry has certain aspects that could complicate document conversion and your document management process.

Some require increased security and access to meet state and federal requirements, while others just have dozens of types of paperwork that needs to be managed, tracked, and accessed regularly.

Our goal is to help you find a local provider that understands your needs. Below is a list of several industries and departments that we help to manage their documents, files, and processes better.

  • Legal Offices, Practices, and Departments

    legal document management storage scanning maximize practice productivity lawsDo you need easier access for a specific case or inquiry, or you would you like to streamline your records storage and management in your firm? From start to finish, we ensure the chain of custody is not broken for utmost security. We also offer onsite scanning at the offices of your client, or opposing counsel to speed up the process.

  • Healthcare, Private Practices, Hospitals, and Insurance Companies

    Medical Record Storage and ScanningFrom single practitioners to hospitals, Record Nations can help digitize your medical records and even migrate them to electronic health records, or EHR system. Our scanning experts handle the data capture and OCR scanning to make the integration seamless.

  • Human Resources Offices

    Document Scanning Human Resources DepartmentFrom mandatory paperwork required by state or federal regulations to performance reviews, medical information, and everyday administration paperwork, your personnel files can take up space in your filing cabinets quickly.

  • Construction, Manufacturing, and Real Estate

    Construction, Manufacturing, and Real Estate Documents Needing Storage and ScanningBetween handling multiple projects and a significant amount of paperwork every day, Record Nations is your source for document scanning and document management services.

    We can help you with any size or any type of scanning for blueprints, drawings, and maps.

  • Government Agencies and Departments

    Records Management and Scanning for GovernmentGovernment Agencies at every level have dozens of departments that each have specific processes, regulations, and requirements they need to manage.

    Documents maintained by government entities need to be in strict compliance and require solid security measures to ensure their systems aren’t compromised.

  • Financial Institutions, Financial Planners, and the Financial Industry

    Financial Industry Document ScanningEfficiency and productivity are two of the most critical aspects of financial planning and financial management.

    There are also the strict requirements to comply with national regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, Check 21 and all the individual state regulations.

  • Educational Sector (Colleges, Schools, Admissions)

    Educational Sector Document Scanning ServicesCompanies in the Educational Sector are looking for more ways to streamline and improve efficiency for and access to admissions, student records, and financial aid processes.

    Document scanning and digital document management are some of the best ways to improve processes that have a lot of paperwork to deal with on a regular basis.

Every company is going to have separate scanning needs and it is important to lay out your specific requirements before we start your scanning project.

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Record Nations will help you find the right solution that fits the needs of your company regardless of the industry you work in. Although we specialize in the industries we’ve listed here, we can help you find a local expert that understands the intricacies of your particular industry quickly and easily.

We have the ability to take care of your records no matter what kind of service you require. To get free, no-obligation quotes on going paperless today, fill out the form, give us a call at (866) 385-3706, or contact us directly using our live chat.

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