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Plow Through Paperwork With Document Management Solutions for Agriculture Professionals

The ability to swiftly access and manage critical documents is essential for success in the farming and agricultural world. Document management services, including scanning, storage, and document management systems, offer valuable solutions to various challenges in the agricultural industry. By digitizing and securely storing essential documents such as crop insurance policies, land deeds, and regulatory permits, these services enable farmers to make informed decisions in response to weather variability, market volatility, and resource constraints. 

Digital record-keeping streamlines administrative processes, reduces reliance on manual paperwork, and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements related to environmental sustainability, food safety, and labor laws. Integration with agricultural technology platforms promotes technological adoption, enhances data sharing, and maximizes the benefits of precision agriculture practices, contributing to the resilience and sustainability of the agricultural industry.


Record Nations’s comprehensive document scanning and storage solutions are tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of agricultural businesses. By digitizing and securely storing documents, we empower farmers and agricultural professionals to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and improve overall efficiency. Let Record Nations help you cultivate success in the agricultural industry.

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How Much Does Agriculture Document Scanning Cost?

Professional record scanning services can range from 7-12 cents per page depending on where you’re located, how many records you have, which company you select for your project, and other factors. You can find out more about estimating your document volume and pricing here. Our team will be sure to offer you all the information available to ensure you get the service you need. Be sure to ask for a customized quote from multiple medical record scanning companies for your project.

The quote on a scanning project is determined by several things:

  • Specialized Scanning (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed, etc)
  • Timeframe of the Project
  • Number of Pages and if They’re Double-Sided
  • Electronic Systems Already in Place Within Your Organization

Document Storage and Scanning Options

How Large Format Scanning Works

1. Prepare your documents to be scanned by placing documents and files into labeled boxes to be transported for scanning.

2. Contact Record Nations at (866) 385-3706 or fill out the form to receive free quotes from providers in your area. Choose the provider that best fits your needs and budget.

3. The scanner takes the records and transports them securely to a facility to begin the conversion process. However, if you need to conduct the process on-site, they instead take their scanners to your location.

4. Experts then scan and convert your documents to a digital format, ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

5. Records are converted into desired formats and stored on a document management system of your choosing.

6. Physical files are either returned to the office, site, or sent to an offsite storage unit until the retention period expires.

How Record Nations Helps You Overcome the Challenges of the Agricultural Industry

Improved Efficiency


By digitizing paperwork and implementing streamlined workflows, document management services reduce manual tasks, streamline administrative processes, and increase productivity for your agricultural businesses.

Enhanced Compliance


Our service providers help farmers adhere to regulatory requirements related to environmental sustainability, food safety, and labor laws by automating compliance workflows, tracking regulatory changes, and facilitating record-keeping and reporting.

Better Decision-Making


Access to digitized documents, such as crop insurance policies, land deeds, and historical yield data, enables you to make informed decisions in response to weather variability, market fluctuations, and resource constraints, improving farm management and profitability.

Upgraded Security


Our service providers provide secure storage solutions for sensitive documents, such as regulatory permits and financial records, protecting against data breaches, unauthorized access, and physical damage or loss.

Environmental Sustainability


By reducing paper consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting the adoption of sustainable farming practices, document management services contribute to environmental sustainability and resource conservation in the agricultural industry.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

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Agricultural Industry FAQs

What types of documents should I scan?



Our service providers are equipped to handle any type of document. Some examples for the agricultural industry include: crop insurance policies, land deeds and ownership documents, regulatory permits and certifications, financial records, crop records and production data, equipment manuals and maintenance records, employee records, research and extension publications, and more.

How much will a scanning service cost?



It costs, on average, between 7-12 cents per page. However, the price will depend on the size of your project, the type of document, the complexity, and any other special requests. Once you contact us with the details of your project, our service providers will send you accurate price quotes.

What is the turnaround time for a project?



The timeline of your project will depend on what service(s) you need, the size of your project, the complexity, and any other requirements. Your service provider will give you a timeline after you contact us with the details of your project.

How does Record Nations ensure the security of my agricultural documents?



All of our service providers meet or exceed all state, federal, and local regulations regarding data privacy. In addition, their off-site facilities come equipped with fire-suppressant systems, climate controls, access controls, 24/7 security, and more. Our DMS service providers can also add on encryption, access controls, version controls, redaction, and more.

Can I edit the agricultural documents I scan?



When you request OCR scanning, you can easily search for, edit, and share any documents you scan into your system.

How long do I need to keep my documents?



Generally, you should retain records for a minimum of 3-7 years. However, some records, such as land deeds and ownership documents, may need to be kept indefinitely for legal and property rights purposes. Additionally, financial records, tax returns, and compliance-related documents may have specific retention periods mandated by tax authorities or regulatory agencies. You’ll need to consult with legal advisors or accounting professionals to determine the specific record retention requirements applicable to their operations.

What is the 1990 Farm Bill?



The 1990 Farm Bill represented a significant milestone in shaping agricultural policy and addressing the needs of farmers and rural communities in the United States.

What are the pesticide recordkeeping requirements?



As part of the 1990 Farm Bill, all private operators are required to keep records of their federally restricted-use pesticide applications for 2 years.

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?



The CCPA applies to businesses operating in California and imposes requirements for the collection, sale, and disclosure of personal information of California residents. Agricultural businesses that meet certain criteria, such as revenue thresholds or handling personal data, must comply with the CCPA.

What is HIPAA?



HIPAA regulates the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) by healthcare providers, health plans, and their business associates. Agricultural businesses involved in healthcare-related activities, such as veterinary services or health insurance, may need to comply with HIPAA requirements.

What is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act?



The FTC Act prohibits deceptive or unfair practices related to consumer privacy and data security. Agricultural businesses that engage in online commerce or marketing activities must comply with FTC regulations regarding the collection and protection of consumer data.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.