Document Imaging Services

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The benefits of scanning your documents, also called document imaging, and storing them in an electronic document management (EDM) system are huge. Some of the obvious benefits are:

  1. Increased efficiency in the flow of work.
  2. Reduced records storage costs.
  3. Easier to backup and restore.
  4. Ability to share documents across multiple offices.
  5. Increased document control and security.
  6. Compliance with privacy and disclosure laws.
  7. A greener office that needs less paper.
  8. Ease of finding documents.

The question is, what is the best way to become a paperless office? The whole process seems to be a sea of acronyms (PDF, OCR, DPI, EHR, TIFF). What format do you need? What indexing do you need? What quality of image do you require? Don’t worry. A document imaging project doesn’t have to be difficult. Record Nations can help you from the start of planning all the way through implementation.

We understand the importance of quality, accuracy, and consistency in your document conversion project. We have the capacity to index and scan any volume of documents in a timely manner. Best of all you get it done at a reasonable price. The scanning can be done at your location or ours. We also have scanners that can handle large format drawings and schematics.

The images can now be viewed and searched by one person or your entire organization based on your specifications. You should also consider using a redaction service for scanned documents.

Records Nations is an expert in document scanning services. Our extensive network of pre-screened professionals will convert your rooms full of boxes into digital images. They can be stored on a few CDs or on a server.


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