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Bedford Park, IL  60638
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Fast and efficient, GRM keeps your records safe and delivers documents where you want them, when you need them. Security, speed and accuracy are at the core of GRM’s Records Storage program.

Our Areas Of Expertise:
Our Records Management Centers are fully protected by around-the-clock security, employing fully trained on-premise security guards, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security personnel also supervise building access, no unauthorized entry is granted. GRM also utilizes only cutting-edge surveillance equipment, with CCTV video cameras monitoring the interior and exterior of our Records Centers, and top-notch fire suppression technology.

Security doesn’t stop with our Records Management Centers; it extends to our clients and their sensitive data. From pick-ups to deliveries, all GRM vehicles are tracked and monitored by Digital Dispatch, our proprietary fleet management and performance software. All drivers and vehicles are insured, and all GRM drivers are equipped with a state-of-the-art laser scanner and wireless communications device.

When documents are no longer needed, GRM offers shredding services to ensure that any obsolete information is destroyed according to all applicable city and state regulations. Document Shredding will be performed within 24-48 hours of retrieval and notification, and a Certificate of Destruction is issued upon completion. Witnessing of Document Shredding is also available.

Areas Served:
Greater Chicagoland Area