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Dental records scanning is a cost-effective and simple solution for your dental records management system. Digital files and records allow for easy sharing, collaboration, increased productivity, and ultimately, better patient care.

Dental records storage service allows your office to free up space and comply with state and federal retention laws. When their retention period is up, we also offer shredding services to comply with laws like HIPAA to protect your patients’ data.

Record Nations works with a network of local dental records scanning and storage professionals who have experience working in the dental and medical industry for decades. We offer free quotes on the top scanning and storage companies based on your location.

The Benefits of a Paperless Practice

Cost Benefits

Going paperless helps reduce or eliminate many of the indirect costs that come with keeping paper copies of dental records. You will save on your valuable real estate, cut back on labor costs, and minimize supply costs.

Productivity Benefits

Paperless dental offices streamline many of the time-consuming tasks that come with paper copies, such as filing and tracking down charts if they become lost. You can enjoy fast access to digital files and search with a simple keyword. This way, you will also never misplace your records.

Security Benefits

Using electronic dental records provides dual benefits with protection from breaches as well as environmental damage. It’s easier to backup records and if you need off-site storage, your records will be climate-controlled and fire and flood-proof. Another feature is encryption to protect from external threats. 

Dental Records Management FAQs

How does dental records scanning work?

1. Give Record Nations a call at (866) 385-3706, fill out our form, or use the live chat to connect to one of our scanning and storage experts. We obtain and scan all your patient records and other files or forms you would like scanned.
2. Choose the service provider that best fits your budget. They will convert your records into a digital format of your choosing.
3. Each document uses proper indexing that is searchable with keywords.
4. Once your scanning is completed, we have options to securely dispose of the physical copies that industry-standard safe or off-site facilities to store them for retrieval when you need them.

How secure are your dental records management processes?

All of our service providers meet or exceed all state and federal data privacy regulations, including HIPAA and HITECH. For the utmost security, you can opt to have a service provider and scan your records onsite so you can watch the process.

What is OCR and why is it important?

OCR technology enables you to easily search and edit your patient records, eliminating mistakes and improving productivity. OCR combined with data extraction helps to ensure your records have accurate information and can be modified or edited quickly and easily.

What are my storage options for dental records?

If you have physical records that you need to keep for their retention period, we offer off-site storage. Your records will be picked up and taken to a secure facility to be stored until their retention period is up. For digital copies, we have a variety of document management system (DMS) and EHR service providers.

How can you help my dental practice meet retention requirements?

If your documents are stored off-site at a facility, the service provider will securely shred your documents with a shredder at the facility or another partner shredding service. For digital records, you can set up automatic processes to remove the file when their retention period is up. We recommend that you also use hard drive destruction services to ensure your patient data can't be recovered.

What types of dental records can you scan?

Our service providers are equipped to scan any kind of record, including, but not limited to: patient registration forms, medical and dental history, treatment plans, consent forms, X-Rays, clinical notes, prescriptions, laboratory reports, appointment schedules, payment records and more.

How would automation help my dental practice?

EHR systems and other DMS can automatically route billing, coding, and patient documents to their appropriate area in the system, reducing administrative tasks and increasing efficiency.

How long would it take to scan my dental records?

The timeline of your project will depend on how many records you have to scan, the type of record, the complexity. Your service provider can give you a more accurate timeline when you go over the details of your project.

How much does it cost to scan dental records?

On average, it costs 7-12 cents per page. However, the price will depend on how many pages you have, the type, the complexity, if you choose onsite or offsite scanning, and any other special requests.

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