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Scanning and Document Management at Scale for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Although private practices have their fair share of patient files and information that they need to track, store, and share, hospitals are in a different bracket of complexity and scale. With hundreds of beds and thousands of patients, each with entirely different concerns, diagnoses and treatments, it’s vital to have a system capable of keeping track of everything accurately and efficiently. 

Medical records scanning works the same way for hospitals and private practices, you take paper files and convert them to digital format. The biggest difference is volume and the urgency required for patients.

Hospitals need access to critical patient information to ensure that they take the proper actions in case of emergencies, and to ensure consistent, ever-improving patient care.

Many healthcare networks have integrated electronic medical records to help handle the sheer volume of paperwork that administrative staff, nurses, doctors, and even patients have to manage.

The Benefits of Scanning for Healthcare Organizations

document management company can help improve your processes, eliminate paperwork, and maximize the resources you have. Don’t spend time sorting and re-filing patient records, go paperless and ensure that your hospital never misplaces a patient file.

Our network of local scanning professionals can help you:

  • Improve productivity by streamlining processes
  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating time-consuming steps that paperwork adds
  • Add the ability to scan multiple patient folders at once
  • Minimize the time it takes to prepare, file, and re-file documents and patient charts

Healthcare Document Management FAQs

How long does scanning my medical records take?

With backfile and day-forward scanning, a scanning service can scan and convert thousands of patient files and documents in just a few hours or days. However, the timeline will depend on how many records you have, the type of record, the complexity, and more.

What is OCR and why is it important?

OCR gives you the ability to search and index every aspect of your files with a quick keyword search, eliminating mistakes and improving productivity. Utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data extraction to ensure your records have accurate information and can be modified or edited quickly and easily.

How does automation help healthcare practices?

EHR systems and digital health document systems can automatically route billing, coding, and patient documents to their appropriate area in the system, reducing administrative burdens and increasing efficiency.

Are EHRs and EMRs through Record Nations HIPAA and HITECH compliant?

Yes, all of Record Nations' EHR and EMR partners offer services that are fully in line with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. In addition, they all comply with other state and federal regulations regarding medical records.

How can you help my healthcare practice meet retention requirements?

With any of our medical records services, you will be able to meet retention requirements as our service providers can keep track of and destroy the records that you no longer need for you.

How secure are your healthcare document management processes?

All of our service providers meet or exceed all state and federal data privacy regulations, including HIPAA and HITECH. In addition, for the utmost security, you can choose to scan your documents onsite so you can witness the process.

What types of healthcare records can you scan?

Our service providers are equipped to scan any kind of record. Some examples of healthcare records you can scan, but are not limited to: patient charts or medical records, prescriptions, lab results, imaging studies, consent forms, insurance information, physician notes, discharge summaries, allergy information, billing and invoices, health questionnaires, appointment schedules, and more.

How much does it cost to scan healthcare records?

On average, it costs between 7-12 cents per page, but it will depend on how many records you have, the type, any add-ons your require, indexing, and if you would like to implement any of our medical records storage options.

How much will an EHR cost?

The price of your EHR will depend on the type, security features, and any other special requests. When you contact us with details of your project, our service providers can give you a more accurate price quote.

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