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A medical document management system (DMS) is a multi-functional tool used to simplify the tedious processes caused by paper documentation. A DMS allows you to store, distribute, track, and share digital medical records, streamlining your practice and improving patient care.

Your paper documents and records can be converted using medical record scanning from Record Nations providers. Features like optical character recognition (OCR) and data extraction create editable digital files that can be added to any EMR system.

Medical DMS gives physicians and their support staff instant access to the documents they need to make faster, more informed medical decisions. You will be able to safely store and retrieve word-processing documents, images, and any other type of electronic file with just the click of a button.

Who Can Benefit from Medical Document Management?

Effective medical document management is critical in maintaining legal compliance and protecting patient privacy. Paper records can be easily misplaced, stolen, and damaged. Converting your documents protects against human error and natural disasters. A medical DMS will provide secured access to your medical files and include multi-tiered protection.

Medical offices and organizations will be able to customize documents with templates and indexing to easily organize and find the information they need. Customizing your documents helps simplify your document management process and improve proficiency.

Digital archiving and retrieval increases productivity, lowers storage and maintenance costs (when compared to managing a paper system), and increases day-to-day efficiency. Healthcare practices, businesses, and facilities of all kinds can benefit from medical document management services.

Clinics and Private Practices

Clinics and private medical practices have different needs when it comes to paperwork and patient data. An EMR system helps provide access to medical records, share patient files, and provide prescription information. Digital systems save time for busy healthcare providers and allow patients to be treated and communicated more effectively.

Hospitals or Healthcare Networks

Hospitals and large healthcare networks must be able to admit new patients, order testing, and transfer files between providers quickly. EMR systems are ideal for fast and accurate transfer of information, making it possible for doctors to make critical decisions that could save lives.

Insurance Agencies

Medical claims can involve pages and pages of paperwork, which can lead to costly errors. Digital files maximize efficiency and allow you to manage many accounts and claims without delays or inaccuracies.

Medical Industry Regulations

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA outlines the requirements that protect personal health information (PHI), from retention to destruction. It requires records to be completely destroyed when their retention period is up, and shredding is an approved method.

Health Information Technology Economic & Clinical Health (HITECH) Act

HITECH heightens enforcement and penalties for HIPAA non-compliance and requires data breach notifications to patients. This encouraged to standardize the use to EHRs to increase security.

State Medical Records Retention Laws

Each state has medical records retention periods that typically range from 6-10 years. No matter what the retention is, all records that reach the end of their period must comply with HIPAA and be thoroughly destroyed.

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