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Record Nations offers a comprehensive line of document scanning services, and our experts can help you maintain your records storage needs regardless of format, from hard-copy records to the transition to a paperless office.

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How secure is the scanning process?

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The level of security in the scanning process varies depending on the document scanning service, but most prioritize confidentiality and integrity through measures such as physical security, restricted access, encryption, and secure destruction of original documents. Our service providers are reputable and ensure the upmost security measure throughout their practices.

What types of documents can be scanned?

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Almost any type of document can be scanned, including paper documents, photographs, medical records, financial records, blueprints, and more. Document scanning services can handle documents of different sizes, shapes, and formats.

Do I need to prepare the documents before sending them for scanning?

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It depends on the specific document scanning service, but in general, documents should be organized and free from any debris or damage. Staples, paperclips, and other bindings should be removed to ensure the scanning process is smooth and efficient.

How do I choose a document storage system?

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When choosing a document storage system, you will need to consider factors such as your organization’s size, the types of documents you need to store, your budget, and the specific features you require. We can walk you through the process and help you figure out which option is best for you.

How does walk-in scanning work?

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Here is a general overview on how walk-in scanning works:

1) Gather your physical documents.
2) Visit a walk-in document scanning service center.
3) Pay the service fee (usually a per page price)
4) Hand over your documents to the service center personnel.
5) Trained personnel will scan your documents using professional equipment.
6) Receive the digital files based on your chosen delivery method.

What Is the lead-time to schedule a service?

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When you submit a quote request or give us a call, we can help match you to a provider within just a few minutes. Our process is quick and efficient! You can expect us to ask a few questions regarding your needs and specific location, and we will work our magic to see what provider best fits your needs.

Usually, you will receive quotes from our recommended providers within a few minutes to a few hours. They will provider you with exact quotes on your project.

What’s the turnaround time on a scanning project?

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The timing on your scanning project can depend on a number of variables, including the complexity, quantity, and specific requirements (indexing, redacting, etc). This is a question that our service providers would be able to answer more in depth. Many of our providers can handle projects pretty quickly, but this can vary by provider, season, and timeline needed. After connecting with us, we can help you figure out what timing is best for both parties.

What file formats are supported for scanned documents?

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Our network of service providers supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and more. They can work with you to ensure compatibility with your systems.

Is there a size limit for documents that can be scanned?

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Our service providers can accommodate a wide range of document sizes, from small receipts to large format drawings. They have versatile scanning equipment and can customize their services to meet your specific needs.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive information during the scanning process?

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Security is a top priority for our service providers. They have strict protocols, and their staff undergoes rigorous training. Additionally, they can discuss options such as encryption and restricted access to ensure confidentiality.

Do you offer on-site document scanning services, or do we need to send our documents to your facility?

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Most of our partners offer both on-site and off-site scanning services. Depending on your preference and the volume of documents, they can tailor their services to meet your specific requirements.

Are there any legal or compliance considerations I should be aware of when digitizing my documents?

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Our service providers are well-versed in legal and compliance standards. They ensure that their scanning processes adhere to industry regulations and can provide guidance on specific considerations relevant to your business or industry.

What is professional document scanning?

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Professional document scanning is the process of converting physical documents into digital format using scanners and specialized software.

What types of records can be stored?

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Records storage facilities can accommodate a wide range of records, including legal documents, medical records, financial records, personnel files, and more.

Can I access my scanned documents or stored records remotely?

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Yes, many of our partner document scanning and records storage providers offer remote access solutions, such as cloud-based platforms or secure online portals, for convenient document retrieval.

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