Education Document Management

Educational Sector Document Scanning ServicesPublic and private schools, universities, and other aspects of the education system have an ever-growing need for efficient ways to manage the paperwork and files of the millions of students and faculty in the education sector across the United States.

Companies in the educational sector are looking for more ways to streamline and improve efficiency. Schools need to have access to admissions, student records, and financial aid processes throughout the year. Document scanning and digital document management can improve these processes significantly.

How Educational Systems Can Use Document Scanning

Digital documents save time, space, and improve processes, and this can help any educational institution. Digital documents and document management systems provide an easy-to-use, secure system that can be shared with students, professors, teachers, and other institutions quickly and easily. Investing in a document conversion plan will save money and time.

Convert Student and Faculty Files, Transcripts, and Financial Aid Files to Digital Format

Day-forward scanning allows you to go paperless moving forward. Offsite archival and storage services are also available to make sure you adhere to FERPA as well as have all the documents for when you need access to documents for an audit.

We provide document scanning, OCR conversion, and online file storage for all types of educational files, including:

  • General/Special Education Files
  • Transcripts
  • Faculty and Personnel Files and HR Records
  • Historical Books and Newspapers
  • Student Publications (Yearbooks/Newspapers)
  • Financial Aid Applications and Documents
  • Medical and Research Files
  • Registration, Admissions and Class Schedules
  • Accounting, Purchasing, and AP/AR Documents

Benefits of Digital Documents for Educational Institutions

Classroom DocumentsThe ease and accessibility of digital documents make converting to a paperless document management system well worth the price.

A paperless system eliminates the need to have a functional in-house paper management system. It gives you the ability to optimize your document flow for everything from admissions to archives.

Here are just a few of the benefits that document scanning and document management systems have brought to the education system:

Improved Compliance

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) states that any school cannot disclose information about a student’s grades or behavior to anyone without the consent of the student after that student has turned 18 years old. This applies to any educational institution (whether public or private) that receives federal funds from the Department of Education.

Digital documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and easily identified to eliminate the risk of a FERPA violation. Sending electronic documents by e-mail rather than fax ensures confidential, password-protected delivery to a private inbox rather than a public fax machine.

You can also redact any necessary information for scanned documents prior to scanning, storing, or sending.

Streamlined Processes and Increased Productivity

Maintaining and regularly accessing hard-copy files for any department can be taxing on resources and office space.

Digital documents eliminate dozens of filing cabinets instantly and you can find information within seconds with a quick keyword search.

Electronic documents also eliminate the accidental misplaced or duplicate file which can become a critical mistake when it comes to financial aid and admissions. Utilizing a cloud storage system can not only save space but prevent mistakes.

Disaster Recovery and Security

Having a backup plan for any document management system is essential to ensure that you don’t lose critical information.

Critical documents, records, and other proprietary information are instantly saved and stored offsite on a secure server. This allows you to access it immediately if necessary. Educational firms can increase the security of documents with encryption authentication, and redaction. It also provides the ability to track, access, and make changes to documents.

Increased Ability to Share

Digital documents provide an affordable, easy way to share and access documents remotely. Electronic documents are easy to share with parents, administrators, and students. Papers can easily be converted to PDF format or an editable text document if needed.

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Virtually any document management service offers OCR conversion along with conversion to PDF. This makes editing, updating, managing, and distributing any file affordable and hassle-free.

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