Leadership Team

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Melinda Powelson

Melinda is a leader with 30+ years experience building strong teams, developing innovative technologies, and executing growth strategies for our business.  She is responsible for ensuring our clients’ success and creating a rewarding place to work for our employees. Melinda enjoys collaborating with forward-thinking individuals who want to build win-win partnerships.

Melinda joined Sales Star in 2004. Prior to that, she founded o2 Group, one of the first web development agencies in Colorado. It was there that she learned about the power of the internet and how it could be used to make business much more efficient.

Outside of work, Melinda enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She loves to travel and relax in the Colorado mountains.

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David Powelson
Business Advisor

With nearly 40 years of experience in the shredding industry, David Powelson helps the DataGuard management team plan short and long-term strategic initiatives. David originated the concept for the Shred Nations/Record Nations marketing program in the early 1990s when his company, TRI-R Recycling, launched its first website. When TRI-R sold to Waste Management and Cintas in 2004, he launched DataGuard as an independent entity.

David has extensive experience in business management, strategic planning, forecasting and finance. He began his career at the Ford Motor Company and later Keene Lighting. In 1977, David founded TRI-R Systems, which became a regional powerhouse in the shredding and recycling industry.

David graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 1965 and earned his MBA from the University of Buffalo in 1969. He is also a published author with his daughter, Melinda. They co-wrote The Recycler’s Manual for Business, Industry and Government, published in 1992.

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Rand LeMerinel

Rand started his career in marketing in 2004 in the auto industry. Since, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies, cutting edge marketing agencies and owns his own marketing consultancy. He has worked on clients including Intuit, Dish, DaVita, Rocky Mountain Health Plans (now United Healthcare) and Lillian Vernon over the years. He landed with Shred Nations in 2014 and is now in charge of marketing and PR for numerous brands owned by Shred Nations parent company. Rand has a passion for marketing by building brands and connecting people.

“It is important to relentlessly seek the cutting edge of marketing strategies and techniques to find new ways to bridge the gap between customers and businesses,” Rand says.

Rand lives in Littleton, CO with his wife Lauren, daughter Ella, son Carson and dog Leilah. He enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, camping, watching sports and playing golf.

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Diane Janson

Diane has been working in the technology field for over 30 years. After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, she worked in hardware circuit board design and micro/machine code development before eventually transitioning exclusively to software development 20 years ago. She has worked with Sales Star Networks since 2004, and also owns a technical consulting business with her husband. In her current role at Sales Star Networks she oversees and actively participates in all aspects of technology, doing everything from software development to server administration. If there is a technological puzzle to solve, Diane is most likely in the center of it working closely alongside her team.

Outside of work, Diane’s two main passions are family and ice hockey. The best of both worlds is when she has the opportunity to play and watch hockey with her husband and two sons. She currently lives in Denver, and travels as much as possible to visit family. Other important family members she wouldn’t be without are their cat Tillie and black lab Penny.


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Cindy Laczkowski
VP of Phone Sales

Cindy spent much of her career in the trucking industry. After taking time off to spend with her son, Sean, and daughter, Jordan, she started her “part-time Mom” position at Sales Star Networks in March of 2007. At that time, she was the only person in the sales department. Cindy is now the Director of Sales with a department of twelve!

“I feel blessed to be a part of Sales Star Networks. I’m surrounded by a team of passionate, intelligent individuals who are dedicated to taking care of our customers. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and to listening to our customers’ needs in order to give our partners every opportunity to win their business. Meeting our partners’ expectations is crucial to maintaining long-term relationships,” Cindy said.

Cindy lives in Littleton and enjoys spending time with her family and grand-dogs, Kai and Leo. Watching Sean and Jordan coach basketball is a favorite pastime along with going to concerts and Denver Broncos games.

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Samantha Masters
Digital Marketing Manager

Samantha started her career a few years ago after graduating with her degree in marketing. Since, she has earned her Master of Business Administration as well. She has been working with the company for over two years in the marketing department. Within her role, she oversees the marketing department and works alongside other team members to grow the company. Samantha states, “marketing is a team effort, and it is important that we all work together for our common goal of pushing the company forward.”

Samantha is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but now lives in Highlands Ranch, CO with her husband, Colton, and their German Shepherd, Maya. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, and cooking. When she gets the chance, you can find her in the ocean scuba diving.

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Natalie Morgan
Manager of Accounting & HR

Natalie started her career in accounting in 2016 after graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in accounting. Since then, she has worked in several different industries including oil and gas, real estate, and financial services. She has been with Sales Star Networks since early 2023. In her current role with Sales Star Networks, she oversees the accounting and HR functions of the company.

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