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Digitize Your Manufacturing Business with Record Nations

In manufacturing, maintaining a keen awareness of process effectiveness, efficiency, and their impact on the bottom line is paramount. A specialized document management systems tailored for the manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in ensuring process consistency and effectively managing critical aspects such as processing, payments, inventory, and compliance.


Through document scanning and management systems, manufacturers can seamlessly track, distribute, and archive a substantial volume of documents each month. This centralizes knowledge, eliminates the costly and time-consuming distribution of paper documents, and optimizes organizational efficiency. Furthermore, the integration of your document management system with HRIS, SCM, and ECM systems streamlines operations, while the ability to create editable PDF documents that can be securely shared enhances collaboration. With this system, you can effortlessly maintain compliance and track all essential documents on an accessible and always-available platform.

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How Much Does Manufacturing Document Scanning Cost?

Professional record scanning services can range from 7-12 cents per page depending on where you’re located, how many records you have, which company you select for your project, and other factors. You can find out more about estimating your document volume and pricing here. Our team will be sure to offer you all the information available to ensure you get the service you need. Be sure to ask for a customized quote from multiple medical record scanning companies for your project.

The quote on a scanning project is determined by several things:

  • Specialized Scanning (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed, etc)
  • Timeframe of the Project
  • Number of Pages and if They’re Double-Sided
  • Electronic Systems Already in Place Within Your Organization

How Large Format Scanning Works

1. Prepare your documents to be scanned by placing documents and files into labeled boxes to be transported for scanning.

2. Contact Record Nations at (866) 385-3706 or fill out the form to receive free quotes from providers in your area. Choose the provider that best fits your needs and budget.

3. The scanner takes the records and transports them securely to a facility to begin the conversion process. However, if you need to conduct the process on-site, they instead take their scanners to your location.

4. Experts then scan and convert your documents to a digital format, ensuring accuracy every step of the way.

5. Records are converted into desired formats and stored on a document management system of your choosing.

6. Physical files are either returned to the office, site, or sent to an offsite storage unit until the retention period expires.

The Benefits of Digitizing Your Manufacturing Documents

Quality and Document Control


A digital document management system simplifies version control, streamlines approvals, and reduces errors in manufacturing processes. 

Streamline Manufacturing Vendor Management


Digital documents make it easy to capture and manage all vendor records and agreements efficiently.

Auditing/Records Management


Document management systems create searchable electronic logs for auditing, ensuring compliance and easy access to documentation.

Cost Savings and Efficiency


Digital document management saves time and money by reducing manual document handling, from locating to filing, in manufacturing operations.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

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Manufacturing Document Management FAQs

What kind of manufacturing documents can you scan?



Our service providers are equipped to handle any type of document. Some examples include: product specifications and drawings, quality control records, supply chain documents, production schedules and plans, inventory and logistic documents, equipment and maintenance records, and more!

How does Record Nations ensure the safety of our manufacturing documents?



Our service providers meet or exceed all state and federal regulations regarding data privacy. In addition, their off-site facilities will keep your documents and drawings safe with fire-suppressant systems, climate controls, access controls, 24/7 security, and more. If you scan your documents, our DMS options come with encryption, access controls, version controls, redaction, and more.

What is the turnaround for a project?



The timeline of your project will depend on the type of documents you have, the number of documents, the complexity, and any other special requests. Keep in mind that large-format documents will take extra care and longer to scan.

How much will it cost to scan my manufacturing documents?



On average, it costs 7-12 cents per page. However, the price will depend on the type of document you have, how many documents you have, the complexity, and other factors. Once you contact us with the details of your project, we will send you more accurate price quotes.

Will I be able to edit any documents or drawings once they're scanned?



Yes, with the help of OCR scanning, you will be able to easily search for, edit, and share any type of document or drawing.

How to prepare my documents for scanning?



Generally, you should organize your documents in the way you want to index them in your digital storage system. They should be free of any damage, and you should remove staples, paper clips, or other bindings so the scanning process can run efficiently and smoothly.

How much does off-site storage cost?



Typically, records storage costs anywhere from 50-95 cents per box per month. However, the price will depend on the number of boxes you have, any prep work, indexing, additional security measures, retrieval options, and any more special requests.

How do I prepare my manufacturing documents for off-site storage?


1. Sort and Organize: Before storing your documents off-site, sort them into categories based on their type, date, or other relevant criteria. Organizing your documents beforehand will make it easier to access them later.


2. Remove Unnecessary Items: Take this opportunity to purge any records that are no longer needed or relevant. Dispose of outdated documents following your organization’s document retention policies and regulations.


3. Boxing: Place the sorted documents into sturdy, archival-quality boxes or containers. Use appropriate-sized boxes to prevent overfilling and potential damage.


4. Labeling: Clearly label each box with information such as the contents, date range, and any other relevant identifiers. This will make it easier to locate specific records when needed.


5. Inventory: Create a detailed inventory list of all the boxes or containers being sent to off-site storage. Include box numbers, contents, and any other relevant information to track your documents.


6. Protective Measures: Consider using archival-quality folders, sleeves, or envelopes to protect individual documents within the boxes. This can help prevent damage from handling, moisture, or environmental factors.

What is SOX?



SOX outlines the requirements for both private and public companies for handling financial data.

What is HIPAA?



HIPAA is a federal law requiring the protection of sensitive patient information from being disclosed without explicit consent.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.