Medical Records Storage Services

Record Nations Medical Records StorageWhether you have transitioned to an EHR or you simply have records that have not reached their retention period, medical record storage is a practical solution to free up office space while keeping records safe, ensuring they are not lost, stolen, or damaged.

Off Site Medical Records Storage Services

Off site record storage professionals specialize in securing old records that are not often needed or accessed rarely while minimizing your storage costs.

Benefits in utilizing an off site medical record storage service include:

  • Minimize your storage costs, including employee compensation
  • Added capacity at your location with the space saved from old record storage
  • Keep your records and files safe throughout their required retention period
  • Increase office productivity with an optimized management system
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • Optional emergency document retrieval services

You can also store your backup tapes, external hard drives, and other media along with your records, keeping your data safe in the case of a natural disaster or data breach.

Medical Record Storage Best Practices

  • records storageWhen transporting and storing your medical records, all information including personally identifying information (PII) should be concealed.
  • Review your state requirements for storing medical records. Retention schedules vary by states so you may need to store documents longer than expected.
  • Limit and monitor access to medical record storage facilities.

Medical Record Custodial

If your medical practice is closing, it is required by law to hire a custodial for your records to manage any health care requests. Your medical records may be transferred to another physician as the custodian or they can be stored in an off site facility until the retention time expires.

Whoever the custodian is, medical records need to be available at the patients request.

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If you need help with your medical records management system, Record Nations can guide you through the process for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our pre-screened network of experienced and well-trained storage professionals specialize in helping you ensure you’re compliant with all applicable laws for healthcare information management, including HIPAA, HITECH, and all state and federal regulations.

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