Real Estate and Mortgage Document Scanning & Management Services

real-estate-mortgage-document-scanning-managementMortgage, title, and real estate agencies manage a lot of paperwork; for each loan, closing, and mortgage agreement there can be hundreds of papers that need to be filed and retained. Document scanning helps to manage paperwork easily and decrease retrieval time.

Document management costs are one of the biggest expenses in the administrative aspect of any real estate office. In addition to the overall inefficient nature of paper document management, there are concerns of security and regulatory compliance. 

Upgrading to a digital management system is a seamless transition that will help manage your documents more efficiently.

Document Scanning Services for the Real Estate Industry

Digital documents are easier to secure, can be accessed from anywhere, and eliminate cabinets full of files in the office. 

Every file and sheet will be indexed with the option to be editable, including the ability to digitally review and sign documents remotely. Conveniently schedule meetings and closings with clients at a time and place that is conducive for them.

Converting to a paperless office can be one of the easiest ways to store and access any real estate and mortgage documents. 

  • Document management systems integrate seamlessly with your existing systems (like your ERP and line of business applications), and can be configured to deliver your documents in industry-standard formats.
  • With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you gain the ability to find any document quickly with a keyword search. Find your loan number, client name, document date or blueprints with just a few words.

Increase Efficiency in Your Real Estate Office

Review the list of documents that are often converted in Real Estate and Mortgage offices to increase efficiency and safety throughout the office:

  • Claims
  • Applications
  • Active and Closed Loan and Mortgage Files
  • Lockbox
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Site/Plan Drawings
  • Title information
  • Blueprints
  • Signatures and Dated Materials
  • Contracts and More!

You may also want to consider day-forward scanning or backfile scanning if you want to make a gradual conversion to a paperless office while maintaining some of your hard-copy processes.  

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