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Document Management Services Help Legal Organizations Stay Organized, Compliant, and Efficient

When navigating complex legal work, it is critical to have well-organized and accessible documents. You should not have to waste time hunting down files or make mistakes because you have unknowingly used an outdated version of a document.

Legal document management systems make it possible to stay organized and correspond with your team, outside counsel, and other important parties. Our systems are specifically designed for legal work, making it simple to track document versions, find filings, and build file history for future litigation. You will be able to easily navigate thousands of pages to locate and maintain information as necessary.

Legal document management systems go beyond general cloud-based storage. They allow you to have more control over your documents with features like versioning, audit trails, user permissions, and full-text search. You will have all the benefits of centralized storage with smarter management and increased accessibility.

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The Benefits of Document Scanning and Management Services for Legal Organizations

Privacy Protection

Privacy is critical when handling legal information. Legal document management software helps maintain compliance with privacy laws and preserves attorney-client privilege. Document access levels can be assigned to determine how users can interact with each file. Files are encrypted and can be password-protected for additional security.

Matter Management

Our software provides tools for lawyers to gather data, track, and assign work. You can track matters at every stage and configure workflows for matter intake and management. Your legal department will be able to function more efficiently and work collaboratively.

Cut Costs

Document scanning eliminates the need for excess paper, cutting costs associated with printing and physical storage. Reducing storage needs opens up valuable space in the office and lowers offsite storage fees. Less paper also reduces your carbon footprint and supports sustainable practices.

Legal Records Management with Record Nations

How Record Nations Can Help Your Law Firm Exceed

Improve Efficiency

Document scanning digitizes paper documents, making them searchable and easily retrievable. This enhances efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for and managing physical files, allowing lawyers and staff to focus more on substantive legal work.

Enhance Security and Compliance

Document storage services offer secure, cloud-based repositories for storing sensitive legal documents. These solutions typically include robust security measures, such as encryption and access controls, to protect client confidentiality and comply with data protection regulations.

Accessibility and Collaboration

Cloud-based document storage solutions enable lawyers to access case files and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for firms with multiple offices or remote employees, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Streamline Compliance and Auditing

Document management systems often include features for tracking document access, revisions, and version history, which can streamline compliance efforts and simplify the auditing process. This is especially important for demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements and client confidentiality agreements.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.

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Legal Document Management FAQs

Does a DMS really make my documents easier to find?


Document indexing allows you to categorize documents by type (motion, order, disposition, etc.} to make the files easy to sort through and find.

What happens to my documents once they're past their retention period?


Once the retention period ends, our partners will shred your documents for you, unless you prefer to continue storing them.

How do legal document management services help with auditing and compliance?


Versioning saves every edited version of a document, allowing you to backtrack and fix problems when needed. An audit trail lets you review edits and see who accessed your files and when. Tracking changes gives you more control and provides a full document history for regulatory compliance. Real-time updates allow for seamless collaboration and more accuracy.

Do legal document management services really save time?


Early case assessment tools help minimize the time it takes to get through the discovery process. Being proactive in document management is the key to addressing and properly handling eDiscovery requests. Our tools will help you disclose the appropriate information safely and securely.

Do you have redaction services for legal documents?


Yes, our service providers can redact your documents after scanning them. They will redact any Social Security Numbers, financial account numbers, home addresses, informant names, medical information, or any other sensitive information you specify.

How secure are your legal document management services?


All of our legal document management service providers meet or exceed all data privacy regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, and SOX, as well as any state regulations.

What is the turnaround time for a legal document management project?


The timeline of your legal document management project will depend on which services you need, how many documents you have, the type of documents, the complexity, and any other special requests. Your service provider will be able to give you an accurate timeline when you go over the details of your project.

What is SOX?


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) establishes guidelines on how to retain, store, and destroy financial records.

What is HIPAA?


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires handlers of patients’ protected health information (PHI) to ensure privacy with these sensitive records.

What is HITECH?


The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 (HITECH) works to hold those who don’t comply with HIPAA standards publicly accountable while also widening the scope of privacy and security protection requirements under HIPAA.

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Reach out to our team today to discuss document management solutions. We're here to explore your options and guide you to the perfect service for your needs.