Legal Document Management

Legal document scanning servicesWhen navigating complex legal work, it is critical to have well-organized and accessible documents. You should not have to waste time hunting down files or make mistakes because you have unknowingly used an outdated version of a document.

Legal document management systems make it possible to stay organized and correspond with your team, outside counsel, and other important parties. Our systems are specifically designed for legal work, making is easier to track document versions, find filings, and build file history for future litigation. You will be able to easily navigate thousands of pages to locate and maintain information as necessary.

Legal document management systems go beyond general cloud-based storage. They allow you to have more control over your documents with features like versioning, audit trails, user permissions, and full-text search. You will have all the benefits of centralized storage with smarter management and increased accessibility.

The Benefits of Legal Document Management

Understanding legal document management software will help you recognize the types of features and solutions that would be best for your firm. Below is an overview of the many benefits a paperless system can provide for your legal department.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is critical when handling legal information. Legal document management software helps maintain compliance with privacy laws and preserves attorney-client privilege. Document access levels can be assigned to determine how users can interact with each file. Files can also be encrypted and password protected for additional security.

Matter Management

Our software provides tools for lawyers to gather data, track, and assign work. You will be able to track matters at every stage and configure workflows for matter intake and management. Your legal department will be able to function more efficiently and work collaboratively.

Cut Costs

Document scanning eliminates the need for excess paper, cutting costs associated with printing and physical storage. Reducing storage needs opens up valuable space in the office and lowers offsite storage fees. Less paper also reduces your carbon footprint and supports sustainable practices.

Helpful Features

Our legal document management systems provide insight into the lifecycle of each matter, centralize document storage, and simplify collaboration among your team. We offer a wide range of features to streamline your document management system and save you time.

Document Sorting

When working through a legal matter, you will need to reference many documents. Document tagging allows you to categorize documents by type (motion, order, disposition, etc.} to make the files easy to sort through and find.

Early Case Assessment Tools

Early case assessment tools help minimize the time it takes to get through the discovery process. Being proactive in document management is the key to addressing and properly handling eDiscovery requests. Our tools will help you disclose the appropriate information safely and securely.

Versioning and Audit Trails

Versioning saves every edited version of a document, allowing you to backtrack and fix problems when needed. An audit trail lets you review edits and see who accessed your files and when. Tracking changes gives you more control and provides full document history for regulatory compliance. Real-time updates allow for seamless collaboration and more accuracy.

Legal Document Services

Record Nations partners with document management companies across the country to work with law firms and practices nationwide. We offer many legal document services including:

  • Data Conversion Services
  • Document Prep, Scanning, & Indexing
  • Coding Services & Custom Tabs
  • eDiscovery (Electronic Data Discovery)
  • Electronic Document Storage, Digital Archiving & Database Management Services
  • Legal Database Load File Generation
  • Bates Labeling and Numbering Services
  • Post Processing & Cleanup
  • Image Stamping
  • Full-Text Document Imaging and OCR, including PDF and TIFF Blowbacks

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