Backup Tape Rotation Schemes

Backup Tape Rotation SchemesIf you run a server then you’re familiar with backup tapes. While it may seem like an old fashioned way to backup data it is still a relatively inexpensive method to keep backups. It also allows the data to be easily stored in an off site location.

Let’s take a look at some of the tape rotation schemes you can employ at your business for your tape backup and rotation. We will also discuss the advantages of a tape rotation service for your business.

Most Common Tape Rotation Schemes

The most basic method is just “first in, first out” of FIFO. That is simply taking a current copy of the data and then saving it over the oldest data tape. The problem with this system is that errors introduced into the data are slowly copied for tape to tape.

A more common and robust strategy is called grandfather-father-son. There are three sets of tapes that are backed up in different cycles. The son tapes are backed up every day, the father tapes are backed up every week, and then grandfather tapes are backed up monthly. There can also be more generations if a yearly backup is taken.

Another solution that takes a backup everyday but has the advantage of generations is called the tower of Hanoi. It is called this after the game by the same name. The first set is run every other day, the second set is run every fourth day, and the third set is run every eighth day.

Advantages of Tape Rotation Services

One of the biggest advantages or tape rotation is also one of the biggest disadvantages. That is the requirement to have people involved in the process. This eliminates the problem of a script stopping for no apparent reason. There is nothing worse than needing a backup only to find that the script to move the data to the cloud failed 18 months ago.

But human advantage can quickly become a problem. To try and save money some companies will just have employees take the tapes home. This is when they get left in cars or on buses. Then invariably they are misplaced and a data breach must be reported.

One of the better solutions is to use a secure tape rotation service. This give the accounting for every tape and secure transportation.

Looking for a Backup Tape Rotation or Vaulting Service?

No matter what tape rotation scheme you employ, Record Nations takes the hassle out of finding a tape vaulting service that works for your company.  We will help you figure out what you’re looking for and put you in touch with secure local tape storage and vaulting experts, and make sure that you have the access you need to retrieve a backup tap if you need it.

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