Data Breach Recovery Plan—Top Tips for Company Survival

Most companies have a data breach recovery plan, and a growing number are starting to have to implement these plans with the hope of making it to the other side.

Professionals far and wide have opinions on how a company should behave post-data breach to survive. The top 3 tips for data breach recovery are to communicate, find the root of the issue, and bring in a third-party to investigate further.

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By far the most critical component after a data breach occurs to your company—communicating to your stakeholders on the matter is imperative to recovery. Trust has already been broken from the data breach, so remaining transparent on how the company moves forward from here will help you mitigate negative opinions from your stakeholders.

“Usually, [communicating to your stakeholders] will allow you not only to minimize the negative impact of an IT security accident, but (when implemented correctly) will show your company as the reliable and transparent partner, which is able to operate correctly even during the crisis.”

– Oleksandr Maidaniuk, Head of Quality Assurance Solutions at Ciklum Interactive Solutions

Find the Root of the Issue

If your company is going to survive a data breach, you’ll have to find the root of how the breach occurred, and prevent it from happening again.

“Perhaps most importantly, forensics solutions capture data 24/7 and automatically analyze all data collected in real time, which means all the data you need for analysis is available at a moment’s notice.”

– Jay Botelho, Director of Product Management at WildPackets

Bring in a Third Party

Want to ensure you’re getting an outside perspective? Bringing in a third-party IT professional or company that specializes in incident response and gap analytics will allow you to gain outside perspective on the data breach.

“By bringing in an unbiased, third-party specialist, you can discover exactly what has been accessed and compromised, identify what vulnerabilities caused the data breach, and remediate so the issue doesn’t happen again in the future.”

– Stephen Ward, Vice President of East Coast USA of Pinkerton

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