The Risks of Storing All Your Passwords In One Place

Storing all your passwords in a single file or program is convenient, but is it safe? Due to the rise of cybercrime, protecting your password is crucial to fending off criminals trying to access your accounts.

Cyber Crime Password ProtectionWith the average person having 19 unique passwords to remember, it can be daunting to try and memorize each one. It is common practice to have a unique password for each account so they are not all compromised if you lose one.

Memorizing passwords is no easy task, so you’ll probably need some sort of password storage system. You’ll need to make sure when using any data storage system, that it is absolutely secure. A word-processing file on your computer’s desktop or a notepad application on your smartphone is just not going to cut it.

Storing Your Passwords the Wrong Way

Let’s start with the worst way to store your passwords.

The first tool that many people are still using to store passwords is in a word-processing document on their computer or a notepad application on their smartphone.

It seems pretty silly when you think about it, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who continue to store their passwords this way. Though it may seem like a convenient way to keep your passwords handy, you are basically one theft away from compromising all your accounts in one fell swoop.

The second, and probably most abused method of incorrect password storage, is using a computer or phone’s internet browser to save the passwords for them. When the passwords are automatically filled-in when you visit the website, they are typically encrypted so that you cannot visually read them. But again, one theft or hack will lose all your accounts to a criminal.

One last mistake too many users are still making with their password choice is using a single, all-encompassing password to link to most or all of their accounts. This is a big risk in losing security in all your accounts with only one small reward: memorizing a single password.

In the world of today’s technology driven businesses, too many organizations are using one or two passwords for multiple accounts in order to make it easier for their employees to remember them.

Larger corporations usually have an adequate protocol set in place with managing and selecting passwords that are difficult to guess. However, smaller companies usually choose a very generic and simple password with the belief that cyber criminals are only targeting larger companies. This misconception makes smaller companies an easy and common target.

Storing Your Passwords the Right Way

Cyber criminals are continually evolving to become more sophisticated in hacking computer users. In these dangerous times, keeping your passwords safe is more important than ever.

When using a password storage or management system, make sure that it is encrypted and secure. Many companies now offer a password storage service, but even those databases are hacked from time to time.

Record Nations’ extensive network of cloud storage contractors make it convenient to access data at home, work, or on-the-go. Our providers’ databases are always encrypted before the information is sent out, making this a great tool for storing passwords.

Cloud storage is also a great tool for keeping files electronically so you won’t have any sensitive documents lying around—either physically or saved onto your hard drive.

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