Top Password Manager Tools of 2016

Are password manager tools worth looking into? Let’s take a digital self evaluation. How many of your passwords are “password” or “12345” because you simply don’t want to forget them? How many of your passwords contain more than one uppercase letter? How many use special characters?

Chances are if you’re still reading this, you’ve identified yourself as a good-password rule-breaker.

The Difference Between a Strong Password and Bad One

While you might think using the street name you grew up on, or the name of your first pet is a strong password idea, the reality is these are the first pieces of information identity thieves try when looking to break into your online accounts.

Instead, a strong password should:

  • Use both lowercase and uppercase letters, interchanging the two frequently
  • Be around 12 characters long
  • Integrate 1–2 special characters. Ex: $?_!@#
  • Have a varying amount of letters and numbers
  • Should not be the same password across all your accounts. Instead, you should be using different ones for each online account.

Top Password Manager Tools of 2016

If you’re generating multiple strong passwords across numerous accounts, chances are you are now worried about how to manage all of these (and more importantly, not forget them!).

Below is a list of our top 5 password manager tools of 2016:

  1. LastPass – with both free and premium options ($12.99/year), LastPass can store an unlimited number of account logins in a secure vault protected by one master password. It completes online forms for you automatically, so you can employ multi-factor authentication faster.
  2. Dashlane – Similar to LastPass, Dashlane has superb password security, exceptional ease of use and the ability to store notes for future reference. The premium version costs around $39.99/year.
  3. True Key – In addition to holding onto all your passwords, True Key can also recognize your fingerprint or your face for two-factor authentication. It’s free for up to 15 passwords before costing $19.99/year.
  4. RoboForm – With its free version holding only 10 logins, RoboForm’s premium version costs just $9.95/year and is a secure way to sync passwords between desktop, laptop and mobile devices.
  5. Keeper Desktop – Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, Keeper is an autofill extension that works in all major browsers. The free version is limited to a single device with local password storage, with other plans ranging from $29.99/year to $59.99/year.

Why Use a Digital Tool Instead of Pen and Paper?

If storing your password using a digital app is going to cost you money, why not just write them all down on paper?

For starters, the paper and pen method for password management is the number one way your passwords can go missing. This will then lead to you having to reset your passwords—a pain and time suck.

Additionally, keeping your passwords on a physical document is an easyway for identity thefts to get a hold of your valuable information. Once they have access to your accounts, the rest is history.

Start Protecting Your Passwords Today

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