What Does A Hacker Look For: Identifying Vulnerable PPI


What does a hacker look forAre you the type of person who gets anxious when someone looks through your phone for too long? They might just be looking through pictures you took together, but the longer they hold onto your phone, the more uncomfortable you get.

Now imagine someone having complete access to your computer. All your IMessages, emails, pictures, and private documents are now available to a complete stranger.

Cringing yet?

Scary enough, hackers can break into your computer in a matter of seconds if you aren’t taking the right precautions to protect yourself. Social media, emails, and mobile phones increase your risks of an attack, and hackers are just waiting for the right moment to pounce.

Lucky for us, there are hackers working for the good of the people. By allowing them to hack into our devices they can show us the flaws in our systems and the steps we should take to protect ourselves.

Hacking 101

Watch cyber defense professional, Frank Heidt, explain just how easy it is for hackers to hack you and your company:

Major Takeaways

How Does a Typical Company Get Hacked?

  1. Hacker goes on to Facebook, finds the CEO, and looks up the rest of the CEO family’s Facebooks
  2. Looks for email addresses attached to each family member’s name
  3. Hacker typically POPs the child’s computer because of its lower security level
  4. He/She makes an email that sounds exactly like it came from a family member (ex: wife sending you a shopping list)
  5. The second you open the email your computer is accessible to the hacker

Most Common Way People Get Hacked

  • Automated Bots


  • Turn on auto-update!
  • Stop using your password for multiple accounts!

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