Passwords & Document Management Intersection—Navigating Security Needs

Innovative technologies and modern methods for storing business information like document management systems has brought on an evolutionary change to how businesses operate.

While offering vastly improved production and efficiency in the workplace over paper records, high-profile data breaches in recent years have also shown that the accessibility of remote electronic documents proves far easier for attackers to wreak havoc on.

While there are systems like encryption for businesses to turn to in search of protection from outside threats, at the root of their protection lies the passwords securing these systems. Throughout this article, we outline the finer details of document management systems and the security risks they face, as well as how password protection factors into secure data storage.

Document Management Systems and Top Security Strategies

data theft how breach happen what stolen password how preventRather than hard-copy documents stored in offsite record storage facilities or crowded filing cabinets, a growing number of businesses both large and small are instead turning to electronic document management systems (DMS) for storing digital records.

Providing far more efficient storage than traditional paper, a DMS enables businesses to store and index information, allowing for records to always remain organized and at the ready while at the same time removing the need to scan copies of files before use.

Although a DMS provides numerous benefits to streamline business such as version control and remote accessibility, the system also can pose greater security risk.

Imagine accessibility to information like doors on the outside of a building—the heightened accessibility of a DMS means there’s more entryway for hackers and data thieves to potentially exploit and get to sensitive documents or data.

To address these risks, security experts continue to stress the importance of encryption systems to protect document management systems. One of the most basic security steps a business can take, encryption renders information in a DMS unreadable—encoding the system and preventing unauthorized users from accessing and steal sensitive or proprietary information.

So Where Do Passwords Come Into Play?

encryption Internet expose password identity how data breaches happen how preventWhile an encryption system initially sounds like an excellent option for protecting a DMS, many business owners may now be wondering or have already encountered the next question of how one accesses their now-unreadable encrypted information.

Working essentially as a password for the system, the encrypted information can only be decoded and accessed using what is called an “encryption key”. Just like passwords to social media or email accounts, encryption keys are doors in the final wall between information in the DMS and the outside digital world.

Placing a high priority on the strength of passwords is essential to ensuring the last line of defense remains intact for a company’s document management systems, however many may wonder how best to ensure their encryption keys are as secure as possible to minimize the odds of being cracked.

While you should always be on the lookout for suspicious activity in case a sophisticated and motivated attacker has managed to hack your system, here are a few general rules of thumb to follow while creating encryption keys and other passwords:

  • Make use of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters ($,@,&)
  • Use passwords and encryption keys with at least 12 characters
  • Avoid using common words or information which can be easily found through social media or casual acquaintance
  • Implement multiple passwords to limit access to increasingly sensitive information

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Having somewhere to securely store sensitive business documents and data in digital formats is an excellent place to start, but without the proper password-protected securities in place, this valuable information is at risk.

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