Phasing Out the Password in Favor of Behavioral Biometrics?

Every business and individual who uses digital or online applications is familiar with passwords. A simple way to secure your private information, passwords have been used for centuries due to their low cost and ease of usability.

With advances in technology, we are gaining the ability to track, measure, and verify humans through behavioral metrics. Signals such as predictable keystrokes and mouse movements, or signatures measured with a stylus pen allow computers to gauge with high accuracy who is trying to gain entry to a system.

The following video by CSO explains behavioral biometrics and how they are making their way into the world today.

The video above defines the following:

  • Behavioral biometrics combine several methods of authentication – keystroke dynamics, mouse movements, interactions with the touchscreen, and posture of the device (how it’s held)
  • Passwords are not necessarily insecure, but they are easily attainable by attackers and can be replayed, reused, or mimicked easily
  • The password is not dead yet because of it’s extremely low cost
  • Behavioral biometrics allow us to reduce risk around password use and will be a part of the path away from password use in the future

How Do Behavioral Biometrics Affect Our Future?

A shift away from using the common alphanumeric password has huge implications for document management systems and strategies. If behavioral biometrics can be released to the masses in an easy to implement and affordable way, we can expect the way we protect our private information to change.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we will be saying goodbye to the password forever. Two factor verification is also becoming popular and is widely used in business systems around the globe.

This type of authentication requires two (or more) rounds of verification. The first round of verification is typically an alphanumeric password, and the second method of verification may indeed become a behavioral measure.

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