Who We Are – Scott Reis: VP of Partner Development and Advocacy

Do you know Record Nations? Whether we’ve worked with you for years, or you’re new to the business, we thought it was high time we introduced you to some of the people behind the brand. While we may have been in business for roughly two decades, a lot has changed over the years. We’ve incorporated a lot of new procedures, practices, and we’ve revamped our company culture too. There are a lot of new faces in our offices, and we thought that there’s no better way to get to know us, than by letting us introduce ourselves in our own words. This week we’d like to introduce you to Scott Reis.

Getting to Know Scott

Scott Reis AKA “The Cali Kid” is the newest addition to our management team, but he’s by no means new to the business. Scott is our recently acquired Vice President of Partner Development and Advocacy, and he brings his 20 plus years of experience with him. He got his start due to his family’s company specializing in Records storage and management. To hear Scott tell it, “I came into the business young and somewhat naïve…which is the best way to learn. I worked my way up starting in operations, training guys on forklifts, I then managed our customer service department, and then I moved into sales and that’s really where I harnessed my skill set”.

Scott hopes to channel his years of experience into his new role with the company. Scott plans to focus on customer relationships as well as helping our partners grow. As he puts it “we can’t grow, unless our partners also grow”.

Scott is based in California where his family continues to motivate him. He and his wife have a five-year-old son and two French Bulldogs, Napoleon and Florence. When Scott isn’t working, you might find him playing soccer, watching sports, or snowboarding. A fun fact about Scott is that he had a brush with fame as a model in 7th grade. He even appeared on the front of a rollerblade box.

2022 & Beyond

As we move into 2022, Scott looks to leverage his skills into helping our company grow. Scott brings his unique skill set to our evolving company culture. When asked about his integration into the company, he says “The company is a family-owned business, and I’m no stranger to that. It’s a collaborative culture that’s been built here, everyone is open to help each other, everyone understands their specific job, and everyone is really smart. I think the culture that’s been built here, is one that everyone keeps talking about”.

As with our other interviews, Scott sees the company doubling in size in the next five years. Both in terms of employees and revenue. “We’ve got some very aggressive growth goals, and we’re going to have to stay nimble and move at the quick pace that we move at”. Scott’s experience can only help us to achieve those goals and then some. Scott’s energy and charisma are infectious and inspire those around him. We’ve got some very exciting things planned, and we hope you’ll all join us for the ride.