Why Do Businesses Still Use Backup Tapes?

Why do Businesses Still Use Backup Tapes?

Companies rely on digital information now more than ever. Creating a strategic backup plan is essential for any company that handles critical, digitized information. This is where backup tapes come in handy.

There are several different types of storage devices available to organizations today. The data backup format that is particularly useful for companies requiring lots of storage space is the magnetic storage tape.

Benefits of Magnetic Backup Tapes

Often thought of as a relic of the past, magnetic tapes function as a viable, and even efficient and highly secure form of data backup.

Keep your backup tapes secure through proper backups.

The biggest value of magnetic tape is that it can store huge amounts of data in a relatively compact format. Some tapes are capable of holding several terabytes of data.

This makes them the most cost-effective method of data storage for large volumes of data by far. Magnetic tapes used for data backup provide these benefits:

  • A single tape holds a large volume of data
  • They are compact
  • They are cost-effective
  • They cool faster than other storage devices
  • They cannot be remotely hacked
  • They cannot “crash”
  • When stored correctly they are long-lasting
  • When stored correctly they are secure

Despite the age of this technology, these benefits lead many companies to back up their important information using magnetic storage tapes.

Who Uses Magnetic Tapes to Backup Data?

Companies that are required to back up large amounts of data: hospitals, universities, the government, IT companies, non-profit organizations, etc., can all benefit from using the magnetic storage tape rotation method.

Even Google archives and backs up email information on backup tapes. Magnetic tapes are convenient, secure, and affordable. Companies across the world still rely on this technology to keep their records safe.

Should Organizations Still Use Backup Tapes?

A major complaint against backing up data using tapes is that it’s an outdated method and many would abandon it in favor of newer server backups. However, servers can be an unpredictable and unreliable method of securing a business’s important information because they are prone to crashing.

Organizations Still Use Backup Tapes.

They can also be hacked remotely, where a thief would need to break in and physically steal a magnetic tape from a secure offsite storage vault to compromise your magnetic data.

To protect personal and private information, organizations and individuals should routinely back up their data. Magnetic tapes have withstood the test of time and remain one of the best ways to safely back up large volumes of information.

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