Why Do Businesses Still Use Backup Tapes?

Make sure your critical business files are backed up- tape storage and vaulting protects your data in a secure offsite facilityCompanies are relying on digital information more than ever. Creating a strategic backup plan is essential for any company that is required to hold a large amount of information.

This could be the difference between saving the company from ruin if something catastrophic and unpredictable was to happen, such as a power failure.

On the market, there are several different types of storage devices and making the choice can be difficult for companies to make. One form of data backup that can help companies needing lots of storage space is the magnetic storage tape.

Companies that are required to backup large amounts of data: schools, universities, the government, IT companies, etc, will all benefit from using the magnetic storage tape rotation method.

Even Google archives and backs up email information on backup tapes. This is by far the most cost effective method of data storage for large amounts of data, in some cases a tape may be capable of holding a terabyte or more of data.

Should You Still Use Backup Tapes?

Backup tapesHowever, a major complaint against backing up data using tapes is that it is an outdated method and many would recommend using server backups.

However, servers can be an unpredictable and unreliable method of securing a business’s important information due to the fact that they are prone to crashing.

Colleges, the US government, IT companies, and the like all encourage companies, organizations, and individuals to routinely backup their data. A time tested method to accomplish this is by using tapes.

Many companies are already using this time tested practice and are reaping the many benefits: tapes can hold large amounts of data, they cool quicker than other storage devices, and they are relatively small in size.

Despite the age of this technology, these benefits lead many companies to follow suit and back up their important information using magnetic storage tapes.

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