How To Digitize Blueprints in 5 Easy Steps

Blueprint scanning is tremendously important for many businesses.  How to scan blueprintsWith the transition to paperless offices and digital presentations, having the ability to digitize blueprints will allow you to share blueprints with decision-makers and allow you to make additional changes quickly and easily.

That’s where a blueprint scanning service can help you. You can convert your blueprints to digital format without having to deal with the hassle and labor required to do this type of conversion in-house.

Challenges Involved With Scanning Your Blueprints Internally

There are some challenges with blueprint scanning that make it difficult to scan your blueprints internally.  One of the biggest issues is that most blueprints are wide-format. Therefore, any traditional scanner would have to piece together multiple scans of the same blueprint to convert it.

The other hindrance is any state or federal requirements that dictate the type of file and the resolution that your digital blueprints need to maintain.  Certain states and federal agencies have electronic record-keeping requirements that need to be adhered to for all your digital files.

Steps on How to Digitize Blueprints With a Scanning Service

steps to convert blueprints to digital

Here are the steps that our secure large-format scanning companies take to ensure that your blueprint conversions are hassle-free:

  • We prepare the blueprints for scanning

Our experts can do all the prep work for you. They can remove staples and rubber bands, repair damaged blueprints, and scan older documents.  However, keep in mind that additional prep work may add to the total cost of the project. Be sure to ask about the prep work you require when you choose your provider.

  • We convert the drawing into a digital image

Once you have identified the blueprints, file type, and what type of format you require (color, gray-scale, black and white bi-tonal, etc.), we’ll start your project.  We can scan both sides of any blueprint, and provide them in virtually any format you require.

  • Every image is indexed to make it easier to find

One of the biggest advantages of digitizing your blueprints is that you can index and store them in any method or manner you choose.  This saves you the time that it takes to hunt down the specific blueprint you need. Additionally, it creates a ton of space to store the blueprints you might want to keep on hand easily.

  • Files can be converted to an editable format with OCR

Our experts can also create editable blueprints. With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), blueprints can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, and displayed online.  It gives you the ability to create documents that you can easily manipulate and modify without having to re-scan a blueprint you change.

  • Images are delivered to you however you need them

After the digitizing is complete, we can deliver them in any format you choose. We can load them on an external hard drive, upload them to a secure cloud storage service, or even send them to you on a CD or DVD.

Easily Convert Blueprints to Digital Formats Today!

A blueprint scanning service makes the process easy. No matter what size your blueprints are or how many you have, we can help you find someone who will be able to help you digitize blueprints. Scan and store all of your blueprints in the best, most efficient way possible today.

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