How Does Walk In Scanning Work?

walk in scanningIf you have a small amount of documents that you would like to convert to digital, walk in scanning might be a great option for you.

Walk in scanning is a cheap and convenient way to scan a small amount of documents without having to invest in a scanner or wasting time on the tedious task. Below we explain the 5 simple steps to walk in scanning.

1. Collect Documents

First collect all the documents that you want to be scanned. Make sure to go through all of your files and folders in order to scan everything you need in one trip.

2. Organize Documents

Organize the documents the way you want them to be organized after being scanned. You are able to have your scanned documents indexed however you like. Organizing the documents before they are scanned makes the indexing step much simpler.

3. Take Documents to a Scanning Location

Locate a professional walk in scanning center near you. Most locations offer same day or next day service, depending on the size of the job.

4. Choose How You Want to Receive the Scanned Files

You will be able to choose how you receive the scanned and paper documents back. Below are some of the options for you to consider when converting documents.

  • Email – Have the scanned documents sent directly to you in an email.
  • Hard Drive – Have the scanned documents saved on a USB or hard drive.
  • CD – Store the Files on a CD until they can be transferred to your computer.

5. Disposal of Paper Documents

When your documents are finished being scanning you will have the option to either save the paper documents or have them shredded. You might consider offsite document storage if you are planning on keeping the paper documents.

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