Common Legal Document Management Problems and Solutions

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Paperwork, documents, and files can quickly overwhelm any legal department, law firm, or court system. With hundreds to thousands of pages used for each legal case, finding a legal document management solution is one of the many concerns that a legal practice faces.

Many legal practices hand over the management of legal documents to their paralegals or low-level workers. Although this may be a common method for document management in a law office, it is certainly far from an efficient  solution.

A records management company can help optimize your law office to manage your documents and paperwork, and thus creating a more productive environment for your legal team.

Common Legal Document Management Issues and Solutions

When it comes to document management in a legal setting, most offices and firms face the same issues.

One issue that is routinely indicated through many legal practices is the handling and storage of the sheer amount of paperwork that comes through a typical office. Whether the office is small or large, the files and documents that are entailed with each case quickly grow into a huge problem.

Another issue that is commonplace in legal organizations is the filing process of legal documents. With so many papers in storage and more continually pouring in, referencing or finding an old case document can be confusing and extremely time-consuming.

When physical copies are not needed but the information contained in them may still be valuable in the future, there is a hard decision to make in keeping or disposing of these files.

In the infographic below, you’ll see these issues outlined and the solutions that a secure records management service provider can accommodate to alleviate these common problems in a law office.

Legal Document Management Solutions Infographic

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